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I\’m currently working on a gallery for the late Vicente Catan Jr., better known as Vicatan for the online museum. Vicatan\’s wife sent over scans of his little seen work which I have the honor of sharing with everyone here. The scans are quite small so I\’m doing a bit of trickery to make them […]

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybVb3t560oY That\’s something I saw on You Tube that shows you really shouldn\’t mess with chickens. First it\’s rabbits. Tomorrow, the world!

One of the feelings I have for the congress at this point in time is exhilaration. Reading through the newspapers, and watching the coverage komiks has been having on local TV has been very exciting. It\’s great seeing all this attention being given to komiks and to those who create them. I feel very proud […]

The Komiks Congress, as well as the Comics Art Exhibit, will finally push through on Tuesday, February 27, 2007. The opening of the exhibit will be in the morning, with the congress itself formally commencing at 1:00pm. I have had previous thoughts about the Komiks Congress, the first part of which is here, and the […]

Hell, what do I care, we\’ll all be dead anyway. By then I\’ll be 70, which in that case I\’ll be too old and most likely waiting for the end, or I\’d already have been dead. It\’s times like this I\’m glad I don\’t have children. But it doesn\’t really bother me on a personal […]

I\’ve just received word from our Komiks Congress representatives Randy Valiente and Mario Macalindong that the opening of the Comics Art Exhibit at the NCCA tomorrow, February 22, is postponed for a later date. I will no longer be announcing any \”announced\” schedules to prevent other people from being inconvenienced. I\’m sure that people who […]

Click here for my first article where I talked about the need to respect comics a true artistic medium. Here, I will continue with my article, which I hope will be taken as suggestions on what I believe need to be done, if our industry will ever be revived. 2. Artists Have to Be Respected […]

Exhibit Sked Revision

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Just a short note to let everyone who was planning to attend the opening of the Komiks Congress exhibit on February 22 at the NCCA in Intramuros that the time for the event was moved from 2:00pm to 10:00am. I wish I could write more, but at the moment, I\’m busy finishing up a Humanis […]

* * That\’s me with John Beatty above, and on top, there\’s John doing sketches for his fans. John is well known to comics fans all over the world as the inker on many popular comic books including Batman, Deadman, Captain America, Punisher, Secret Wars (the first one!) and many more. He\’s in town for […]

If I were not going to meet John Beatty, and a few other people with regards to the Komiks Congress, I would not be going to Manila tomorrow, Sunday. If I can help it, I\’d rather not leave. Less and less I\’m inclined to go to Manila, specially when I\’m commuting because it really takes […]

Much has been said about comics being adapted for film. And I\’ll definitely be adding to that right here. There are some adaptations that I have liked, and some that I don\’t. In any case, I\’m always excited whenever a comic book is moved into different media, because you have an opportunity to enjoy the […]

I was really impressed that Rising Star Printing Enterprise had the sheer audacity to be the first komiks publisher since the collapse of the industry to release a tagalog comic book nationwide that is geared towards the old industry\’s traditional audience: the Filipino masa. I am the first to admit that the issue of Filipino […]

The Illustrators Guild of the University of Santo Tomas, College of Fine Arts and Design invited me to give a talk on comics for their February General Assembly. I ended up talking about my experience entering and being in the comics industry, as well as present artwork by the great Filipino illustrators like Francisco V. […]

\”Butiki\” as we know them. Domestic lizards? Household geckos? Every single Philippine home has at least a few of them. I saw this butiki on our kitchen window and was so amused at its diving position that I had to take a picture. I like the fact that we have them because they eat mosquitoes […]

Before You Post

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This blog discourages anonymous comments. I am hoping that visitors to this site (and by extension, my home) offer some respect to me and everyone else by telling us who you are. It’s the human and decent thing to do. If you believe in your opinion, you validate it by standing by it with your […]

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