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Spending the day getting ready for the 7th Annual KOMIKON, the Philippine Komiks Convention. I can\’t believe it\’s already seven years running. Not only is this thing still going strong, it\’s even expanded to include a special Summer Komikon every May or April for the last couple of years. That\’s two KOMIKONs a year! That\’s […]

End of October

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November is just around the corner and pretty soon, it\’s 2012! 2011 has been another eventful year for me personally. A LOT of changes. A few health issues have forced me to look very closely at and prioritize the most important things in life. Family and work, basically. In that order. I lost a LOT […]

Click for Larger Image The next big Komiks event of the year, GTMACCON 2011 comes this Saturday, October 22 at SM San Lazaro. Tickets are available at Comic Odyssey branches. This event is unique in that it\’s the very first komiks convention that features a cosplay event that would feature only creator owned, Filipino indie […]

Why Comics Matter

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The following video playlist was uploaded by SequartTV. It features a really interesting lecture on why comics matter by Dr. Julian Darius, delivered 5 January 2006 at Glen Carbon Centennial Library (Glen Carbon, Illinois).

100 Araw ng Komiks: The ELMER Documentary by Edgar Tadeo

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100 Araw ng Komiks (100 Days of Comics) is an online event organized for the purpose of spreading awareness of Philippine Komiks through Twitter, Facebook, DeviantArt, blogs and other online venues. Click here for the event page on Facebook. The Komikero Comics Journal will be posting everyday for the month of July news, opinions and […]

Elmer had been nominated for the Prix Asie-ACBD 2011, an award given to the Best Asian Comic Book published in France, along with other comic books such as Kamui Den by Sanpei Shirato, La Plaine du Kantô by Kazuo Kamimura, Le Voyage de Ryu by Shôtarô Ishinomori, and Vinland Saga by Makoto Yukimura, Kurokawa. Elmer […]

Because I\’m incredibly happy today (and the fact that it\’s Friday), I just wanted to share this with you all. I have you have fun!

Watch on You Tube What can I say? It was starting to get ridiculous you know? Every year I do an April Fool\’s Gag right on this day for the past 6 years or so. It\’s become a tradition. The bad thing about traditions is people start to expect it. Whatever I do or say […]

Elmer #2 Video Diary (Tagalog)

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Rummaging through old DVD-roms I stumbled upon a series of video diaries I took way back 2006 where I talked about creating Elmer #2. I had forgotten taking them and was only reminded when I saw the DVDs. Taking a deep breath to listen to them (I still can\’t watch myself and my own voice […]

It\’s the evening of January 1, 2011 as I write this, feeling slightly depressed. Unlike many people, I loved 2010 and I\’m sad to see it go. I understand that 2010 was a bad year for a lot of folks, but it was a very good year for me. It\’s quite a relief because 2007 […]

The 1st Cebu Comics Convention was held at the Ayala Mall in Cebu on September 25, 2010. I have been corresponding with a few comics creators from the area and I\’ve always known there was a lively community of creators and fans over there for many years. I finally met John Amor, one of the […]

An illustration from Roni Escauriaga, creator of Superdog. Thanks Roni! This is an awesome tribute. ************* Marco Arnel Coching Exhibit Marco Arnel Coching, grandson of of the late master artist-writer and Dean Of Philippine Illustrators, Francisco V. Coching, will hold his first one man show of abstract and modern painting in acrylic and oil. With […]

Last July 10, 2010, I was invited to attend the freshmen initiation at the St. Paul University in Manila. The theme of their initiation was \”Pinoy Komiks\”, and I had been invited to give a talk on the history and the state of the Philippine comics industry. I did not hesitate to agree because more […]

The popularity of the Hey, Baby! video (below), retitled \”Lakas Tama ni Manong\” on Facebook was great for it gave me the opportunity to talk about Philippine comics to a nationwide audience. For some reason, this video really took off online, and came to the point that it was even being shown on regular TV. […]

Welcome Everybody!

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Hello and welcome to Komikero.com! I\’m sure you heard about this website from somewhere, specially today. And so you went here, and here you are! Welcome! Thanks very much for giving me a bit of your time. This website is basically a regularly updated journal of the things I want to write about Philippine comics […]

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