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Photo by Jonas Diego I think I\’m still feeling a little dazed from Summer Komikon. It was probably the most physically stressful time I\’ve had at a Komikon. My allergies were pretty bad that it\’s embarrassing, specially since I had to talk to people a lot and do a couple of interviews. My bad knee […]

(Photos on this article can be clicked for larger images) Immediately after leaving Algiers, Ilyn and I went to Paris for a week at the invitation of Serge Ewenczyk of Editions Çà et Là, the French publisher of Elmer. We were of course, very excited to go to Paris. More than anything else in the […]

(Most photos in this article can be clicked for larger images.) Laurent Mélikian, a French comics critic who visited the Philippines in 2011 and who I met for the 7th Annual Komikon, had subsequently invited me to attend the 6th FIBDA, or the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d\’Alger, or in English, the 6th […]

Click for Larger Image. Photo by Skyworld. \”Insane\” is such an overused word to describe Komikon. I used that word a lot. But I\’m honestly at a loss to use any other word to perfectly describe it. Well, perhaps \”INSANER\” would be apt. Because that\’s just how it was. This thing just keeps getting bigger […]

Click for Larger Image Iloilo is a place I just love to visit again and again. This is already my third time to the city, and it was a no less enjoyable experience. And to be there for it\’s first comic book convention made it a more awesome stay. The first time was there was […]

Today was the first Komikon Grand Independent Komiks Market convention or \”Indieket\”, at the Bayanihan Center in Pasig, Metro Manila. It\’s basically a Komikon, but emphasis on locally produced independent komiks. I was there today to give a talk on how Elmer developed from it\’s inception to right up to it\’s international recognition. Hopefully, those […]

\”Epic\” is such an overused word, but to be honest, there\’s really no other way to describe this past weekend. It was truly epic. A once in a lifetime event or more appropriately, a series of events. May 26, Saturday, with Summer Komikon at the Bayanihan Center. The crowd at its peak was just INSANE. […]

Last Saturday I was at Fully Booked at Bonifacio High Street to participate in the Vinyl+Splash, The Ultimate Collectibles and Comics Convention. However, the primary purpose of the event seemed to be a series of auctions of artwork donated by comics, street and vinyl artists to benefit the United Nations World Food program. At the […]

The crowd at Komikon yesterday, right on top of this post, just to give you an idea of how crazy it was. I was taken quite by surprise by the sheer amount of people who showed up. Having gone to this thing for years, I have a fair idea of the amount of people who […]

It\’s a couple of days late (I had to finish off killing, I mean inking a Superhero), but here it is, my photo blitzkreig of the 3rd Summer Komikon held at the Bayanihan Center in Pasig, Metro Manila, last April 16, 2011. Unfortunately, I didn\’t get to shoot the video as I was planning, but […]

It\’s the evening of January 1, 2011 as I write this, feeling slightly depressed. Unlike many people, I loved 2010 and I\’m sad to see it go. I understand that 2010 was a bad year for a lot of folks, but it was a very good year for me. It\’s quite a relief because 2007 […]

The first batch of photos from Komikon are now up. This one is from Jose Gamboa, creator of the Manny Pacquiao comic book. Looks like he\’s selling a lot, which is fantastic. KOMIKON 2010 – Nov 13, 2010 http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=32099&id=129669377054175 Selected tweets: jiggycruz Jiggy Cruz Came from the 6th KOMIKON at Starmall. Congrats to the organizers! […]

Last July 10, 2010, I was invited to attend the freshmen initiation at the St. Paul University in Manila. The theme of their initiation was \”Pinoy Komiks\”, and I had been invited to give a talk on the history and the state of the Philippine comics industry. I did not hesitate to agree because more […]

Last night was the first public exhibition of the \”Tin-tin, 15\” short film, directed by Lem Garcellano, which features a few Komikeros for actors including myself as \”Bossing\”, Jonas Diego, Johnny Danganan and Neil Amiel Cervantes as beerhouse patrons. \”Tin-tin, 15\” is produced by Plan International to raise awareness of human trafficking, specifically trafficking of […]

For the first time in all my years of going to these comic book events here in the Philippines, I FORGOT to bring my camera. Worse, the semi-official photographer for these events, world class comic book artist Carlo Pagulayan, couldn\’t make it to the event as well. And my friend and collaborator Marivi Hilos-Nepomuceno, who […]

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