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ORAS MO NA! Part 9

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Internet is back, and the first thing I do is upload this much delayed installment of Rudy Florese\’s ORAS MO NA! Although this may get delayed from time to time for various reasons (most common I would expect would be because of work), I\’m committed to fully color each page of all 33 parts and […]

It\’s not having Internet that really burns me up, it\’s the fact that come next billing, PLDT will STILL be asking me to pay for service I never got. In the comments section, Reno tells me that they do offer refunds, which makes this situation not completely suck. I can go to a cafe once […]

Due to things happening at home, I\’m once again sad to report that this week\’s ORAS MO NA! will be delayed a week. Can\’t be helped. I guess there\’s just some things you want to put ahead of others. And this is one of those times. By the way, new visitors to this site please […]

Start from the Beginning HERE. Finally uploaded is Part 8 of Rudy Florese\’s ORAS MO NA! Thanks to Kenny at Forbidden Planet for an article featuring the the story, and the restoration we\’ve been doing. Thanks Kenny! Gerry Alanguilan Restores and Recolours http://forbiddenplanet.co.uk/blog/?p=3946

Before anything else, just a quick link to Ilyn\’s blog in which she has something important to say for all our friends. Thanks! ************ It was never in my mind to do a full scale restoration of Rudy Florese\’s ORAS MO NA! I just intended to scan the pages, fix the contrast, hue and saturation […]

At last! Part seven of Rudy Florese\’s ORAS MO NA! Watch out later in the week as I\’ll be uploading a short article on how a page of ORAS MO NA! is restored. Click Here to start from the beginning.

Click Above for Part 6. Click HERE to start from the beginning. Edgar Tadeo came up with another teaser for his ELMER documentary, which has me scratching my head and thinking, Ed must be out of his mind! But the teaser looks really nice, and very well put together. Thanks Ed! ELMER-CHICKEN JOY 2 Documentary […]

Click Here To Start Reading from the Beginning.

ORAS MO NA! Part 4

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The fourth installment of Rudy Florese\’s ORAS MO NA is now online! The next couple of installments would be a bit disturbing, as it was meant to be. I\’m still trying to figure out how to color the next installment, where I hope to convey faithfully the creator\’s intent without blunting the effect it was […]

Here\’s part 3 of the 33 part comics serial written, illustrated and lettered by Rudy Florese. I want to express my thanks to my wife, Ilyn, Rudy\’s daughter, for helping me scan and clean the original print komiks pages. We have no access to the original artwork themselves so we make do with a complete […]

We\’ll be going away for the Holy Week starting today and won\’t be back till Sunday, so apologies if any comment left during this time won\’t get approved until I get back. In the meantime, here\’s part 2 of Rudy Florese\’s ORAS MO NA! Click here to start from the beginning. Next installment will be […]

Rudy Florese\’s ORAS MO NA! Begins today! Click on the thumbnail row above to start reading. Part 2 will be uploaded a day early next week, on Wednesday, April 4, 2007. Me and Ilyn will be retreating once again into the mountains for the Holy Week, and won\’t be back until Easter. It\’s the time […]

Rodolfo Obrero Florese was born on April 20, 1946 in Sto. Domingo, Nabua Camarines Sur, Philippines. Artistically inclined at an early age, he wrote, drew, lettered, colored and even bound his very first comic book Argado when he was 13 years old. A few years later, at 17, he would begin his professional career as […]

Rudy Florese\’s ORAS MO NA! begins this Thursday, March 28. Compared to many Filipino komiks serials of the 70\’s and 80\’s which had hundreds of parts (each part is 4 pages), Oras Mo Na is relatively short at 33 parts. Rudy preferred writing stories that were short, to the point, and have definite endings. Ironically, […]

Rudy Florese\’s ORAS MO NA! will begin serialization on this site beginning Thursday, March 29, 2007, four pages a week as it was originally released. \”Oras Mo Na!\” is one of the few stories that Rudy wrote, drew and lettered for various Philippine publications from the late 70\’s to the mid 80\’s. In the US, […]

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