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The other day I decided to cook some rice pilaf. Now I don\’t know what rice pilaf is. The first time I heard it was from Jack Tripper on Three\’s Company. I saw it again on a few menus and during the last time I ate at Cibo. It\’s just rice…. with stuff. Maybe rosemary. […]

Friends will be coming over today. I\’ll be cooking a chicken dish called \”Adobong Manok sa Gata\”. I just recently learned how to do it, after getting over my confusion about the fact that there\’s an adobo dish that doesn\’t use soy sauce, just vinegar and coconut milk. My dad says it\’s adobo so who […]

In the short break between inking issues of comics, I took a few hours to finally digitize some old cassette tapes I had from the early 90\’s. I had recorded various demos and live performances by local Filipino bands from LA 105.9 and NU 107, both stations are now unfortunately defunct. One favorite tape of […]

Two Songs That Make Me Cry

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Well, they\’re not really songs but pieces of music. They\’re music I recently come across that I found extraordinarily moving. Song Of Freedom – Murray Gold Wander My Friends – Soundtrack The title and composer are there to see, but I won\’t say where they\’re from. I\’ll leave it up to you to find out […]

Wanna Buy Tickets to a The Dawn Concert?

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Yeah, I\’m supposed to sell three tickets to a The Dawn concert. It\’s a fund raising effort by our High School batch for the benefit of the Shrine of the Holy Relic, Pactil, Mountain Province. The concert will be on December 16 at 7pm at the Maharlica Hall, Pagcor Casino, Parañaque. Each ticket goes for […]

Danny who? There might be one or two visitors to my site who might know who he is, but I think most won\’t. I\’ve never talked about him before anywhere, and I\’ve never really counted him as an influence in any way. Danny Federici died last April 17, 2008, and when I heard about it, […]