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October 2008 will go down in my personal history as one of the most eventful. I\’d rather not mention the more sordid events, but I can say that I was horribly sick at the start of the month. It took me more than a week to recover. A week later, my wife Ilyn fell sick […]

What an awesome movie poster. The buzz is really good about the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight, specially due to the late Heath Ledger\’s performance as the Joker. I have to make a confession. When I first saw Heath Ledger in \”A Knight\’s Tale\”, I didn\’t like him. I couldn\’t stand looking at him. […]

Running along the spine, there is a disclaimer: \”Warning: This material is for mature readers\”. Well, duh? In short, Noel F. Lim is INSANE. There\’s really no other word for him. Insane in a sense that he\’s at the absolute border of what separates sane and insane and can still function relatively well in society. […]

I\’m an old time Punisher comics fan. By old time I mean I liked the very early Punisher comics, some of which were written by Frank Miller on the pages of Daredevil. But I think I mentioned it here before that my favorite Punisher comic book was the first issue of the very first Punisher […]

Hulk Stuff

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Has anyone seen Incredible Hulk yet? Well, don\’t tell me what happens because I haven\’t seen it yet! I am looking forward to it though. I just hope that when I go to Manila they don\’t show the damned movie on the bus! It can happen! I remember seeing them show Michael Bay\’s Pearl Harbor […]


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He actually says it!!

THE SPIRIT Teaser http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEv7z9GeHdk The Spirit movie is based on Will Eisner\’s The Spirit comics series, written and directed by Frank Miller, creator of comic books like Sin City and 300, and writer of Batman: Year One, Daredevil: Born Again and Elektra: Assassin. Frank Miller has always been very \”cinematic\” with the way he told […]

Joss Whedon created a TV series in 2002 called Firefly which lasted only 14 episodes. In fact, the show was taken off the air before all 14 episodes were shown. Bad ratings. It should have ended there. It would be commercial folly to pursue it further. Ratings had proven that the show didn\’t have much […]

Simon Santos of the excellent Video 48 Blog has uploaded a gallery of film related artwork by Tony De Zuniga. Tony\’s subject is mostly the late great Fernando Poe Jr. (a staunch advocate of Philippine komiks) from his films \”Lupong Balisong\”, \”Zamboanga\”, \”Dakilang Balatkayo\”, \”Baril Sa Aking Kamay\”, \”Alamat ng Pitong Kilabot\” (no doubt inspired […]

The page above from \”IFUGAO\”, written by Cirio H. Santiago and illustrated by Alfredo Alcala came out in Hiwaga #95, cover dated May 19, 1954. Curiously, in the very same issue, this movie poster appears as an ad: In this issue, Ifugao is at part 23. Since Philippine comics serials of this time come out […]

\”Andy Serkis is reteaming with director Peter Jackson in DreamWorks’ “Tintin,” the movie trilogy collaboration from Jackson and Steven Spielberg. Although DreamWorks would not confirm, it is believed Serkis will play the role of Capt. Haddock, a temperamental sea captain, in British scribe Steven Moffat’s adaptation of the European comic strip created by Herge.\” From […]

What with all that went on recently, I forgot to post this follow up vid to my True Love short film. Yes, it\’s the bloopers/outtake reel! Watch This Video At YouTube And if you didn\’t catch the full short film itself, click here. All involved really had a great time doing it. All in all […]

Something happened on the way home to San Pablo, after I spent a day in Manila last Saturday. I taught comics at The College of St. Benilde in the morning, chatted with a friend in Makati in the afternoon, then caught a bus for the long trip home. I was very tired, sleepy and hungry, […]

At last, my TRUE LOVE short short film has been finished. I began it December with a couple of Komikero pals, continued shooting in May, then finished in September. I\’ve been really busy with work that it got delayed and delayed. After doing Timawa, I thought I\’d spend a day to finish True Love at […]

This is a video project I\’ve been working on since December of 2006. I haven\’t been working on it all the time, of course, but just whenever I have a break, and whenever my friends who are playing characters in it are free. I\’ve had to wait for months for a friend, Edjee Chozas, who […]

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