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Johnny insisted that I first met him at Comics Den, a small comic book shop here in San Pablo sometime in the early 2000s. To be honest, I don\’t remember. When the Laguna Artists Group (later known as the Komikero Artists Group) formed in 2002, he became one of the members. Little did I know […]

Old pals Johnny Danganan, Jonas Diego and his gf Ysa along with me and Ilyn met for lunch today at Simple Treats here in San Pablo. It\’s been a while since we saw each other and it\’s nice to know that we can still be good friends in spite of not being constantly in touch […]

Waking up Saturday morning and seeing the sun shine all my worries about the day disappeared. Normally, I\’m a worrier, but I just let it go. Whatever happens will happen. If it rains, whatever, I\’ll just sing. lalala. It did drizzle a bit, but thankfully it was short and in the end, I think we […]

The 3rd San Pablo City Comics Festival is happening TODAY!! See you there! Click for Super Large Image YES! The 3rd San Pablo City Comics Festival is finally happening. You may recall the first festival happened in 2003 at the Mariño Residence along Sampalok Lake. The second one in 2009 at Lion\’s Club, also along […]

Due to some unfortunate technical difficulties, I\’m all by myself in the premiere podcast of UNWANTED: Ang Podcast ng Komikero Artists Group. Johnny Danganan, Jonas Diego and I recorded the podcast a few days ago, but the recording turned out to be crap. Since we were recording separately through Skype, the audio was ridiculously uneven. […]

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Noticing a lack of audio podcasts on the subject of Philippine Komiks, Johnny Danganan, Jonas Diego and I decided to do what we hope to be are weekly one hour weekly podcasts. Podcasts were difficult for us to do before (we have done several in the past) because we had to meet to do them. […]

It\’s a couple of days late (I had to finish off killing, I mean inking a Superhero), but here it is, my photo blitzkreig of the 3rd Summer Komikon held at the Bayanihan Center in Pasig, Metro Manila, last April 16, 2011. Unfortunately, I didn\’t get to shoot the video as I was planning, but […]

Watch on You Tube What can I say? It was starting to get ridiculous you know? Every year I do an April Fool\’s Gag right on this day for the past 6 years or so. It\’s become a tradition. The bad thing about traditions is people start to expect it. Whatever I do or say […]

APRIL FOOLS DAY POST #2: Notice to The Public

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Notice is hereby given to the general public that Johnny Danganan and Jonas Diego (Pictured below) are no longer affiliated with the Komikero Artists Group. The public is warned that the said individuals are no longer authorized to represent the group \”Komikero\”, or Gerry Alanguilan in any manner, shape or form. They are no longer […]

It\’s the evening of January 1, 2011 as I write this, feeling slightly depressed. Unlike many people, I loved 2010 and I\’m sad to see it go. I understand that 2010 was a bad year for a lot of folks, but it was a very good year for me. It\’s quite a relief because 2007 […]

Friends will be coming over today. I\’ll be cooking a chicken dish called \”Adobong Manok sa Gata\”. I just recently learned how to do it, after getting over my confusion about the fact that there\’s an adobo dish that doesn\’t use soy sauce, just vinegar and coconut milk. My dad says it\’s adobo so who […]

Last night was the first public exhibition of the \”Tin-tin, 15\” short film, directed by Lem Garcellano, which features a few Komikeros for actors including myself as \”Bossing\”, Jonas Diego, Johnny Danganan and Neil Amiel Cervantes as beerhouse patrons. \”Tin-tin, 15\” is produced by Plan International to raise awareness of human trafficking, specifically trafficking of […]

For the last couple of days I took a short diversion from comics to participate in the making of a short film called \”Tin-Tin, 15\”, designed to tackle the issue of child trafficking in the country and its devastating effects. I played a really, REALLY bad guy. Johnny Danganan (playing a straight guy), Jonas Diego […]

At 42 minutes, Three Days is a not so short film that my friends Maya Salas, Jonas Diego, Johnny Danganan, and dog Boney helped me make during periods when I wasn\’t working on my comics stuff. Thanks guys! I shot it over the past couple of months, doing a few minutes here and there. Ok, […]

I want to thank the organizers of yesterday\’s Renaissance event, all the artists gave their time to do sketches, Leinil Francis Yu, and all the people who came and supported us. It was completely unexpected that the money generated from the sketches, as well as Leinil\’s sketchbooks and original artwork, was eventually donated towards the […]

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