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Don\’t be conned into buying an ebook of WASTED from here: http://bit.ly/bhsZyJ because you can read it entirely for FREE here: http://wastedonline.blogspot.com DUH?!! UPDATE! The OLX site has since taken down the item. Good for you OLX! However, the person who is selling Wasted is still offering unauthorized copies of Wasted for sale at his […]

Stop the Presses: How to Save Newspapers by Ted Rall and David Essman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7qd8v8v2qk I saw this video via the Comics Reporter. The video is funny, but the subject matter not so much. The fate of newspapers is pretty grim. We don\’t feel it yet here in the Philippines, but technologically advanced countries like the […]

Which among the words \”No Anonymous Comments!\” is so difficult to understand? Or is the combination of all three words simply too complex for your mind to grasp? No anonymous comments means no anonymous comments. No code names. No pseudonyms. No handles, except unless I know you personally. This is NOT a joke. Stop being […]

The last couple of days I was flat in bed with fever and an erupting stomach. I missed the Komikero meeting last Sunday. I wasn\’t able to work, which bummed me the most. I\’m feeling a bit all right today to start working again, and there\’s lots of stuff to do. But for a couple […]

http://www.facebook.com/gerryalanguilan At the invitation of a friend I joined Facebook a long time ago. After a few months I didn\’t like it because people I didn\’t like wanted me to add them as my \”friend\”. I closed my account instead. But disturbingly, even though I had closed my account, I could still activate it if […]

If you had sent me important emails to my yahoo address within the last 12 hours, please resend them to my gmail address. Same username @gmail.com Apparently, Yahoo Mail is screwing up on my end, and has not been sending through emails for the past half day. I hope this is only temporary. Yahoo is […]

I\’ve been doing video blogs since July 2006. The very first video blog I did talked about a rained out Komikero meeting that ended up in our house. Now, I don\’t know what possessed me to start doing these things. But I\’ve always been fascinated by photography and video. Long before You Tube I was […]

You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92Hdppn9_lo Facebook:

George Orwell, according to wikipedia, was an English author whose work is marked by a profound consciousness of social injustice, an intense opposition to totalitarianism, and a passion for clarity in language. His most famous works are the satirical novel Animal Farm (1945) and the dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949). Nineteen Eighty-Four was a frightening […]

Jonas Diego was here the other day. And what did he do? He took a photo of my chicken and my cow copulating on my scanner. It\’s a scandal, really. British actor Stephen Fry got himself trapped in an elevator for around 20 minutes. As he was trapped standing there and bored, he sent short […]

Yep, very messy. But I can\’t seem to work any other way. Today I\’ve set aside for writing. I\’m just going to write all day. I\’m writing an essay for an art book which I\’m having difficulty doing because it requires a point of view which I\’m not used to having. But I\’m going to […]

I\’m finally properly back online. I spent part of my birthday hanging out with Ilyn, Ed and Anne, and Leinil and Yai at Leinil\’s place in Pasig. We haven\’t done that in a loooong time. I took the opportunity to do a short video interview with Leinil which will hopefully be online sometime next week. […]

Phone is down again so I have no Internets! The phone has been acting weird for a while. Lots of static. When the phone is on the hook, I\’m disconnected from the Internet. When it\’s off the hook, I get connected. Now the phone is gone altogether. Reported. I hope it goes back on soon. […]

I\’ve been getting quite a lot of notifications that there\’s Ebay items that I haven\’t paid for yet. There is a dispute, and my response is \”urgently required\”. Of course, I haven\’t bought anything from Ebay in years. Messages like this seem to have an air of desperation in them. As if whoever sending them […]

The new Komikero dot com is now up and running! It took a couple of days, but I felt I had to do it now because I\’ll be very busy the coming next month or so and I wouldn\’t have been able to take care of it then. The new site has an all new […]

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