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Photo by Comic Odyssey Last Saturday’s signing at Comic Odyssey went pretty well. All the copies of “Where Bold Stars Go To Die” that the store ordered were all sold out even before I arrived. Admittedly, I arrived a bit late, which is frustrating because I’m never late. Thing was, the van we rented ran […]

I’ve noticed I haven’t been able to access the Bleeding Cool Forums for quite a while now. I don’t know exactly when this started, but it has been a while. This is the error message that I see when I try to access it: ************ Forbidden You don’t have permission to access /forums/showthread.php on this […]


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Back in the old days before the Internet, I had a diary. In addition to that, I was sending letters to a lot of people both locally and abroad. I was spending a lot of time just writing on paper. When the Internet came all that changed. Unfortunately. I could not deny that the instant […]

The Internet certainly has changed quite a lot ever since I went online in 1997. From that time forward up to now, I consider myself a pretty heavy Internet user, open to trying a lot of new things. I did the Geocities, I did the Friendster, I did the MySpace, I did YouTube and DeviantArt […]

Someone added me recently to a Star Trek group in Facebook. It made me realize how much of a Trekkie I am. A Trekkie for much of my life, actually. I dug up this rather long piece I wrote about Star Trek in 2004, expressing my anguish at the cancellation of ENTERPRISE after only 4 […]

Out of the blue a week or so ago, I was approached by a Japanese going by the name of Harukichi (he gave me his real name but I think he prefers to be called by his handle), who said he had bought and read ELMER and seeing that Elmer #1 was being offered for […]

People will still probably remember (and recently a few of them reminded me they do) the good old days of heated debates on this blog. Yeah, that was quite something, wasn’t it? I was pretty opinionated back then, and yes, I still am today. But there is a difference. Towards the end of those days […]

End of October

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November is just around the corner and pretty soon, it’s 2012! 2011 has been another eventful year for me personally. A LOT of changes. A few health issues have forced me to look very closely at and prioritize the most important things in life. Family and work, basically. In that order. I lost a LOT […]

Noticing a lack of audio podcasts on the subject of Philippine Komiks, Johnny Danganan, Jonas Diego and I decided to do what we hope to be are weekly one hour weekly podcasts. Podcasts were difficult for us to do before (we have done several in the past) because we had to meet to do them. […]


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It’s both puzzling and frustrating communicating online more and more. I’m getting the impression people just don’t read stuff anymore. It’s as if they’re literally blind to what’s written right in front of them. Over the last day alone, two separate people wrote to me asking a different question each. I answered both questions directly. […]

The first batch of photos from Komikon are now up. This one is from Jose Gamboa, creator of the Manny Pacquiao comic book. Looks like he’s selling a lot, which is fantastic. KOMIKON 2010 – Nov 13, 2010 http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=32099&id=129669377054175 Selected tweets: jiggycruz Jiggy Cruz Came from the 6th KOMIKON at Starmall. Congrats to the organizers! […]

From September 13 to 14 will be a huge conference in Quezon City on the “Future of the Book” organized by the National Book Development Board (NBDB), Filipinas Heritage Library and the Vibal Foundation. It’s going to be held at the Ayala Techno Hub in Commonwealth Avenue. I was supposed to be a speaker on […]

At 42 minutes, Three Days is a not so short film that my friends Maya Salas, Jonas Diego, Johnny Danganan, and dog Boney helped me make during periods when I wasn’t working on my comics stuff. Thanks guys! I shot it over the past couple of months, doing a few minutes here and there. Ok, […]

Don’t be conned into buying an ebook of WASTED from here: http://bit.ly/bhsZyJ because you can read it entirely for FREE here: http://wastedonline.blogspot.com DUH?!! UPDATE! The OLX site has since taken down the item. Good for you OLX! However, the person who is selling Wasted is still offering unauthorized copies of Wasted for sale at his […]

Stop the Presses: How to Save Newspapers by Ted Rall and David Essman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7qd8v8v2qk I saw this video via the Comics Reporter. The video is funny, but the subject matter not so much. The fate of newspapers is pretty grim. We don’t feel it yet here in the Philippines, but technologically advanced countries like the […]

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