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My classamtes with a photobombing waiter. Photo by Ariel Porca. The homecoming at my old university UST went surprisingly well. That\’s probably because we had a big bunch of my classmates there and it was really nice seeing a lot of these faces again after so long. Granted, I\’ve seen most of them on Facebook, […]


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Traffic. I hate it. I stay at home in San Pablo most of the time, not wanting to ever go back to Manila because I just hate traffic. But look at me today… I\’m going to Manila on what is probably the worst time to go. Because of the INC and their Metro walk, I […]


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When I sat down a few days ago to write a long retrospective of my 2013, I just got tired thinking about it. So I didn\’t do it. Not because I was tired thinking of the many things that happened and many things I did all throughout that year, but because I was just feeling […]

Before anything else, let me just say this is not intended as an ad for Shakey\’s Pizza, although people are free to believe that it is. But it\’s simply not my intent. I just want to talk about Manager\’s Choice, because well, it\’s my favorite pizza and it\’s got a bit of a sentimental value […]

But I do like BEING in faraway places. I like it a lot. It\’s just that the travel itself to those places that really gets to me. I don\’t like the hassle of lining up for a visa, and all the suspicion and the condescension that come with applying for it. I really don\’t like […]

Today is a sad day. I\’m waiting for the vet. My dog Boney, who has been with me since 2008, is so sick that she\’s beyond saving. She needs to be put down. I\’ve had many dogs in my life and they all died one by one on their own. Some were just too old, […]

Browsing the net I came across this e-book service that offers 5000 free e-books. Another service was offering even more comics that comes with their e-reader. The future is so amazing isn\’t it? You have entire libraries at your disposal with a single click. And it\’s all free. Such things were unthinkable only 15 or […]

I think this was around 1994 or so. The break up with my girlfriend at the time was still rather fresh in my mind. I was still hurting, but the same time, I was indescribably lonely. Perhaps I was just simply love starved. Having stopped drawing comics completely, I returned to the office grind for […]

Photo by Gio Paredes What began as a small movement of self published comics in 1993 has now grown into something people least expected: an ongoing thriving industry that has produced hundreds upon hundreds of individual titles. But make no mistake, while this industry is very small compared to what our old industry was like […]

\”Keep an open mind.\” That\’s the thing I kept repeating to myself for days leading up to the day I watched Man of Steel. I carefully avoided all the spoilers, and from whatever comments made by other people, I tried not to let it affect my own judgment. SPOILERS AHEAD! There was a lot to […]

Someone added me recently to a Star Trek group in Facebook. It made me realize how much of a Trekkie I am. A Trekkie for much of my life, actually. I dug up this rather long piece I wrote about Star Trek in 2004, expressing my anguish at the cancellation of ENTERPRISE after only 4 […]

Ever since I was really small, there was only one superpower I ever wanted. I wanted to fly. I\’ve always been fascinated by the sky. As a kid I dreamed that when I rode a plane, I\’d take a paper bag with me so I can capture some clouds that I can bring home and […]

People can\’t help but want to control how other people live their lives. That\’s it. Think very hard about that. It pretty much applies to every conflict, prejudice, bigotry and hate. It applies to everyone of every belief (and non-belief) be it religious or political. People just can\’t help but want to control what others […]

Nowadays it\’s only natural to see multiple page previews of comics coming out in two or three (or eve more) months. You know what the covers and what the first few pages would look like way in advance. In the 80\’s during the height of my comic book fandom, we did get to see a […]

Did you guys catch that awesome meteor that streaked through the skies of Russia last February 15? Wasn\’t that just INSANE? Well, if you haven\’t seen it yet… Again, I ask, wasn\’t that just insane? The crazy thing is, nobody, not NASA scientists, not amateur skywatchers, not anybody knew this was coming until it burned […]

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