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Komiks Artist Vergil Espinosa Needs Your Help

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Bayan Knights artist Vergil Espinosa was recently hospitalized for kidney failure, which requires expensive dialysis treatment. Vergil\’s cousin Etey Buendia is holding a fundraising called \”Superhero Run for daVerge\” (daVerge is Vergil\’s DeviantArt handle) to raise awareness and funds. From Etey\’s Facebook post: Dear family and friends, please support me in my \”Superhero Run for […]

It is truly the end of an era. After 25 long years at the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Pugad Baboy and Pol Medina Jr. move out. It is almost overwhelming to comprehend the significance of this culturally and historically. Pugad Baboy, hand in hand with the PDI, brought a unique and often hilarious point of view […]

This is the Pugad Baboy strip that got Pol Medina fired from the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Click for Larger Image I use the term \”fired\” because it is the same term that Pol Medina himself uses to describe his situation in Facebook in this post. Whether he is truly fired or simply suspended, remains to […]

Filipino Artist Dante Perez, 1956-2013

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With Dante Perez at the 2008 FoEM Art Exhibit at the Art Center in SM Megamall. Cartoonist/Multi-media artist Tence Ruiz sent me an email informing me of the the death of his friend and co-artist Dante Perez. Ruiz describes Perez as a \”comics artist, painter, sculptor, production designer and budding video director\”. Perez died on […]

Rod Espinosa and Andrew Villar Signing (UPDATED!)

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The signing has been updated with a new venue with another artist added! Eisner Award nominated comics creator Rod Espinosa of Courageous Princess and Snow White, along with Ambush creator Andrew Villar and Peejay Catacutan (Xenoglyphs) will have a signing at Castle Geek, 3F Unit 350 Neutral Grounds, New Glorietta Wing, Gloriatta 2, Makati, on […]

It was last year when I first heard the rumblings of what is now known as Black Ink Comics. It was quite a big surprise when the publisher was revealed to be Precious Pages Corporation, the same publisher of the popular and commercially successful Precious Hearts Romance pocketbooks. Immediately, the significance of this was apparent: […]

Tomador, Pioneer Komiks, 1968 Veteran and pioneer Filipino Komiks illustrator Jesse Santos passed away last Aoril 27, 2013 according to his grandson Geoffrey De Vera. He passed away just shy of 84 at his residence in San Fernando Valley in California. Jesse began working in comics for the very first Philippine serialized comic book \”Halakhak\” […]

Click for Larger Image. Photo by Skyworld. \”Insane\” is such an overused word to describe Komikon. I used that word a lot. But I\’m honestly at a loss to use any other word to perfectly describe it. Well, perhaps \”INSANER\” would be apt. Because that\’s just how it was. This thing just keeps getting bigger […]

What have I been up to? Well, speaking for today at least, I\’m recovering from this disgustingly hideous fucking boil that\’s decided to erupt on my butt. Now that may seem funny to you, but it isn\’t. It really isn\’t. Since I spend a lot of my time sitting down writing and drawing, taking a […]

Click for Larger Image Iloilo is a place I just love to visit again and again. This is already my third time to the city, and it was a no less enjoyable experience. And to be there for it\’s first comic book convention made it a more awesome stay. The first time was there was […]

The December issue of Rogue Magazine carries with it a one page comic strip depicting a short history of Philippine Comics. In it, the writer asserts that Carlo J. Caparas was responsible for the rise of independent comics like my Elmer and Carlo Vergara\’s ZsaZsa Zaturnnah. This is absolutely, any utterly UNTRUE. Carlo J. Caparas […]

An article I wrote came out in the Philippine Daily Inquirer not too long ago. I will be posting the complete unedited article after my post below. I almost declined writing the article because I was too busy, but I immediately realized the opportunity to talk positively about the state of Philippine comics. TWENTY YEARS […]

Click for Larger Image Beyond Komikon: Young creators bring komiks to life http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/280371/lifestyle/literature/beyond-komikon-young-creators-bring-komiks-to-life Just a few years ago, many people were stumped on how to revive the Komiks industry. Here on this blog, I said that we should stop dreaming of ever expecting komiks to go back to the old golden days where komiks sold […]

Click for Larger Image It was a pleasant surprise to see a few titles that were content appropriate for young children at the Komikon. Curiously enough, they were on booths next to each other. I would have to explain my choice of Robert Magnuson\’s \”Porcupirate Plans the Day\” and \”Boom Boom Clang\” (with Maloi Malibiran-Salumbides) […]

Click for Larger Image Only a few years ago, a lot of the independently produced comic books were of the photocopied and stapled variety. But over the last couple of years, printed trade books collecting such work started to appear with books by Gio Paredes, Michael David, Lyndon Gregorio and Tepai Pascual. At this year\’s […]

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