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Don\’t ask me why, but it\’s just one of those times I just suddenly remembered something from a long time ago, one of those times that I almost died. I must have been a really restless child. I suppose most children are. I figure I was around 7 or 8, and one of the things […]


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This post has nothing to do with comics. This is just me thinking about things, as I would often do when my mind wanders. When I\’m having lunch there\’s this cat that hangs outside our backdoor wall, waiting to be fed. He\’s not our cat. I don\’t think he\’s anyone\’s cat. I\’ve seen him around […]

Ok, this post has nothing to do with comics. I really don\’t talk about politics or religion in this blog, unless it has something to do with comics. But I would like to make an exception now. If talk of RELIGION puts you off or offends you in any way, please feel free to skip […]

We had the venue, the Lion\’s Club of San Pablo, for only ONE day. So we had planned to bring all the tables, chairs, mobile, tarpaulins, decorations, exhibits and exhibit panels early in the day before the doors opened at 10am, and pack them all up by 6:00pm. We were at the venue at 6:30am. […]

Live Auction for Flood Victims That\’s Jonas Diego and me on stage yesterday, auctioning a variety of stuff including original artworks, signed sketchbooks by Leinil Yu, etc. The online auctions, the live auctions, as well as the caricature auctions conducted by Mr. Hugo Yonzon at the Podium have so far raised more than 80 thousand […]

This is my April Fool\’s gag for 2009. 2008 had been extremely difficult for me and my extended families. In hindsight, it was probably the worst time to decide to pursue personal projects knowing now how bad the economy would become. Struggling for a good way to make a living and living on the very […]

The first batch of Elmer Gift Sets will be delivered today. Yes, we\’d rather prefer to hand these sets directly to those who bought them rather then send them via courier. We don\’t want to take the chance that it they will be lost, and that I feel it\’s much better to meet with those […]

Just a series of photos I took of my dad and a cat that took a keen interest in what he was eating.

Pets ko, di na ma-reach.

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Boney, Milky and Eugene were featured in Animal Scene magazine in their October 2008 issue. I wasn\’t able to get a copy of it since pretty much the whole of October I was laid up in bed sick and during November I was scampering to finish Elmer #4 on time. I guess I\’ll just go […]

It was my first year in college, attending the first of five years studying architecture at the University of Sto. Tomas. When I decided to acquiesce to my parents request that I pursue architecture rather than fine arts, I started to prepare myself for a life long career as an architect. As a plan, it […]

It was perfectly understandable when ABS-CBN asked others in the media to keep a news blackout on the kidnapping of Ces Drilon and crew. It was as they said, \”made primarily for the security and safety of Ces and her companions.\” But I do find it strange that the same kind of courtesy wasn\’t in […]

It\’s a been a year, almost to the day, that my dog Eugene, died. I didn\’t talk about it on this blog because I find it uncomfortable to talk about very personal things here. Much of that personal stuff I keep offline and between family and close friends. But I couldn\’t help express that grief […]

There was a time when I believed working in comics wouldn\’t be possible. Superman and Batman and the X-Men were just things I read, created by god-like people in some fantasy land. Well, I was very young back then and my view of the world was still quite limited. Inspired by the comics I read, […]


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Leaving the old house today, I saw these two dirty puppies right on our front doorstep. Ok, it was more like gate-step. They looked bewildered, looking around as if seeing everything for the first time. Since our old house runs along a very busy street, the things were in very real danger of getting run […]

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