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I\’ve been talking about Kulawo on Twitter for quite some time now. When I was younger, I didn\’t appreciate this exotic dish which my mom used to make a lot. Only later when I got older and my taste for food had gotten more evolved did I appreciate it. I also learned only recently that […]

A Dark, Cold and Rainy Day

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That\’s what it is today. Dark, cold and rainy. I like days like these because I personally find it very conducive to creating art. I don\’t like it when I have to go out. And today I had to go out to the palengke to buy stuff to eat for the next few days. It […]

Aside from reading and drawing comics, the one other thing I really love doing is cooking. I started cooking around High School, and one of the first things I learned to cook was spaghetti. It was easy! Just crack open a spaghetti sauce can, cook the noodles, mix them together and there you go! Spaghetti! […]