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Photo by Jonas Diego I think I’m still feeling a little dazed from Summer Komikon. It was probably the most physically stressful time I’ve had at a Komikon. My allergies were pretty bad that it’s embarrassing, specially since I had to talk to people a lot and do a couple of interviews. My bad knee […]

All of a sudden, I’m nervous. I have absolutely no idea what kind of reaction “Rodski Patotski: Ang Dalagang Baby” is going to get at this Summer Komikon on Saturday, TWO DAYS FROM NOW! I’ve always said I have strived to satisfy myself first and foremost, and if I was able to do that (satisfy […]

Arnold Arre and I will have a new book coming out at Summer Komikon on April 12, 2014. I wrote and lettered it, and Arnold Arre illustrated and colored it. Arnold’s wife Cynthia Bauzon-Arre provided us with the title design. It’s eight inches by eight inches (yes, it’s a perfectly square book!), full color, and […]

Hey, this is my April fool’s joke for 2014. It’s simple and a bit obvious, but I couldn’t believe I still got a few people! Until next year! I’ve mentioned it several times in the past, but there is, in fact, another “Gerry Alanguilan” who resides here in San Pablo City. He’s in fact my […]

I’ve been inking comics professionally now for like well, since 1995. You would think I’d get tired of it, bit I’m honestly not. Admittedly, there was a time that I quit. This was back in 2005. That was not because I didn’t like to ink anymore, but because I wanted to expand my creativity to […]

“Gallus Rex“, Pen and Ink on 11″x17″ Comic Book Art Board Cick for Larger Image The above image is up for silent auction this Saturday at Comic Odyssey in Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street in Taguig, in conjunction with the “Art with Heart” fund raising for Yolanda victims. All proceeds from this auction will go […]

There will be another fundraising event this coming Saturday, November 23, 2013 at Comic Odyssey on the fourth floor of Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street in Taguig. This time, all proceeds will be donated exclusively for the benefit of typhoon Yolanda victims. It will be a sketching event where more than FIFTY artists are confirmed […]

Click for Larger Image The Komikero Artists group would like to make an announcement with regards to fundraising efforts through auctions at this Saturday’s Komikon. We planned these fundraising event a few months ago, initially to benefit our fellow Komikero in need, Vergil Espinosa for his medical needs. Then the earthquake in Bohol happened, and […]

(Most photos in this article can be clicked for larger images.) Laurent Mélikian, a French comics critic who visited the Philippines in 2011 and who I met for the 7th Annual Komikon, had subsequently invited me to attend the 6th FIBDA, or the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d’Alger, or in English, the 6th […]

Old pals Johnny Danganan, Jonas Diego and his gf Ysa along with me and Ilyn met for lunch today at Simple Treats here in San Pablo. It’s been a while since we saw each other and it’s nice to know that we can still be good friends in spite of not being constantly in touch […]

One of my biggest influences was Alfredo Alcala, after being blown away upon seeing a 2 page spread from Voltar for the very first time. Almost immediately I latched on to the “insane detail” technique which I’ve now used all my life. That spread appeared in a world encyclopedia of comics at my high school […]

The previous blog entry “The Evolution of the Philippine Indie Comic Book” has elicited a comment from a reader asking where they can buy these comic books online. That’s an absolutely fair question. One common feedback that creators mostly get is that their work isn’t easily accessible. How does one from Davao or Palawan, or […]

Photo by Gio Paredes What began as a small movement of self published comics in 1993 has now grown into something people least expected: an ongoing thriving industry that has produced hundreds upon hundreds of individual titles. But make no mistake, while this industry is very small compared to what our old industry was like […]

Browsing Facebook today, I found an obituary marking the passing of one of the great pioneering Filipino komiks illustrators, Tenny (Teny) Henson. The obituary states he died on April 15, 2013 at the age of 82. I feel extraordinarily sad at his passing. I am a huge fan of his work, and I’ve been looking […]

Bayan Knights artist Vergil Espinosa was recently hospitalized for kidney failure, which requires expensive dialysis treatment. Vergil’s cousin Etey Buendia is holding a fundraising called “Superhero Run for daVerge” (daVerge is Vergil’s DeviantArt handle) to raise awareness and funds. From Etey’s Facebook post: Dear family and friends, please support me in my “Superhero Run for […]

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