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Photo by Comic Odyssey Last Saturday\’s signing at Comic Odyssey went pretty well. All the copies of \”Where Bold Stars Go To Die\” that the store ordered were all sold out even before I arrived. Admittedly, I arrived a bit late, which is frustrating because I\’m never late. Thing was, the van we rented ran […]

To further raise funds for the printing of \”Rodski Patotski: Ang Dalagang Baby\”, Komikero Publishing and Paper Basket will be releasing a limited collector\’s edition Wasted Box Set! Each box set will contain a hand crafted Wasted hardcover and slipcase, original Wasted artwork, a hand lettered letter from Eric to Jenny (from issue #8), a […]

Browsing the net I came across this e-book service that offers 5000 free e-books. Another service was offering even more comics that comes with their e-reader. The future is so amazing isn\’t it? You have entire libraries at your disposal with a single click. And it\’s all free. Such things were unthinkable only 15 or […]

Click for Larger Image It was a pleasant surprise to see a few titles that were content appropriate for young children at the Komikon. Curiously enough, they were on booths next to each other. I would have to explain my choice of Robert Magnuson\’s \”Porcupirate Plans the Day\” and \”Boom Boom Clang\” (with Maloi Malibiran-Salumbides) […]

Click for Larger Image Long before Nestor Redondo embarked on his tabloid sized adaptation of the Bible for DC comics in 1975, he worked on a much more massive Bible adaptation, published through his own publishing company, Redondo Komiks in 1968. The adaptation was serialized on a one every two week basis, 4-5 pages each […]

There was a recent article at the Philippine Daily Inquirer (via AFP) painting a pretty grim picture of the Philippine comics industry as it stands today. If you want to read the article, click here. I\’ve been tagged endlessly on Facebook by concerned people who perhaps wanted to hear my side of the story. It\’s […]

Congrats to Fransico V. Coching and the Vibal Foundation for receiving the Gintong Aklat Award for Arts and Culture for \”The Life and Art of Francisco Coching\”, during ceremonies held at the Manila International Book Fair. \”The Gintong Aklat Awards aim to recognize excellence in Philippine bookmaking, and are given by the Book Development Association […]

From September 13 to 14 will be a huge conference in Quezon City on the \”Future of the Book\” organized by the National Book Development Board (NBDB), Filipinas Heritage Library and the Vibal Foundation. It\’s going to be held at the Ayala Techno Hub in Commonwealth Avenue. I was supposed to be a speaker on […]

The other day I received a package in the mail from my Spanish comics writer friend Raule. In the package are three hardcover French translations of his comic book Jazz Maynard with artist Roger. Yes, these guys go by just one name. I have a one-name for myself, but Ilyn absolutely freaks out when I […]

Triple Punch Komiks!, published by Polyhedron Comics is an anthology of three stories in three different genres. The first story, \”Project BC\” written and illustrated by Ron Escultura, is science fiction, featuring a human controlled giant robot reminiscent of something like Daimos. I like the simple and soft rendering of human figures and I would […]

Francisco V. Coching\’s Life and Art book can finally be purchased directly from Amazon.com, for those of you who reside *outside* the Philippines. Click on the link above or here. Looks like stocks are limited, so hurry! If it runs out, more stocks are on the way. For other books published by Vibal Foundation that\’s […]

View the set manually here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/komikero/sets/72157623529364161/ And of course I had to have video too! View on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGPEjKoZFLQ Neil Gaiman\’s Journal Neil Gaiman\’s Twitter As I said in the video, Neil Gaiman is one of the very few writers I would take so much trouble to line up for and meet. I\’m really […]

The last couple of days I was flat in bed with fever and an erupting stomach. I missed the Komikero meeting last Sunday. I wasn\’t able to work, which bummed me the most. I\’m feeling a bit all right today to start working again, and there\’s lots of stuff to do. But for a couple […]

Adam David\’s Splendiferous EL INDIO Review (Updated)

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Sorry for the big ass word, but Adam David\’s reviews of anything is just absolutely splendid. It\’s much to our luck and benefit that he chooses to write a lot of reviews on comics. This time, he trains his critical eye on Francisco V. Coching\’s El Indio. Rarefied heights, restoration, and the rhythm method Some […]

Early last month I visited the local Book Sale branch here in San Pablo City to check out what\’s new. I\’m always on the lookout for bargain stuff like comics, graphic novels, trade books, Star Trek books, Doctor Who books and magazines and so on. Once in a while I would come away with a […]

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