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(Photos on this article can be clicked for larger images) Immediately after leaving Algiers, Ilyn and I went to Paris for a week at the invitation of Serge Ewenczyk of Editions Çà et Là, the French publisher of Elmer. We were of course, very excited to go to Paris. More than anything else in the […]

This is the page from Lakan where the hive structure (scroll down or click here) was used. This was also drawn in 1992. The lost Lakan comic book, which should have been one of the very first titles of the Philippine Independent Komiks Movement, would be seeing publication, with all three finished issues combined into […]

In 1992 I was involved in one of the earliest comic books of the independent komiks movement: Lakan. Unfortunately, Lakan is a comic book that has yet to see publication in spite of the fact that all three issues of it are completely written and drawn. I was still a practicing Architect at the time […]

We had the venue, the Lion\’s Club of San Pablo, for only ONE day. So we had planned to bring all the tables, chairs, mobile, tarpaulins, decorations, exhibits and exhibit panels early in the day before the doors opened at 10am, and pack them all up by 6:00pm. We were at the venue at 6:30am. […]

I\’ve gotten so engrossed in comics for the past 16 years that I\’ve almost forgotten that I had a totally different career a long time ago. I graduated from UST with a degree in Architecture, and several weeks before graduation, I was already working as a construction supervisor. I have a lot of stories from […]