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Those following my tweets would know that I will not be voting for Jojo Binay. I will not be voting for Mar Roxas either. If Miriam Santiago runs, I\’ll vote for her. If Rodrigo Duterte runs, I\’ll probably vote for him. If both of them run for the same position, I\’ll have a big debate with myself until election day.

Some of you would probably be indignant at the idea of Duterte as president due to his reputation. But you know what? Every single candidate out there have faults in them. None of their hands are clean. In this and in any election, you do not have the luxury of choosing the purest candidate. You only choose the lesser evil. Would you choose a relentlessly self promoting candidate with a corrupt reputation who has done nothing to alleviate this country\’s hardship, or would you choose a candidate who made his city one of the safest in the world, but has an alleged reputation of doing away with criminals on the side? I\’d choose his crimes over the other guy.

The problem with a lot of Filipinos is that they cry and bellyache about how this country is going nowhere, but are perfectly unwilling to make drastic changes and make sacrifices to solve the problem. Of all the candidates laid out before us so far, Miriam and Duterte would be the two people with enough balls in them to actually make real and lasting changes. It will be hard, I have no doubt about that. We will be sacrificing a lot of things. But good things cannot happen easily or be granted to us just like that without working hard for it, or sacrificing a little bit of our idealism.

We can no longer afford to be completely idealistic. I thought I could live my life like that, but I\’ve come to believe that I need to get my feet dirty once in a while just so I can achieve a greater good. Waiting for the completely, and perfectly ideal dirt free candidate is like waiting for Godot. It is someone who will never come.

I for one would be willing to get my hands dirty just to see a better future. Duterte himself has said that he doesn\’t mind going to hell just as long as his people can live in paradise. He knows that he will get his hands dirty (if they aren\’t already), just to ensure everyone else lives a better life. And we can see that right now in Davao. He has already proven himself with actions, not with empty words.

A vote for Binay or Roxas, I fear, would just be a vote to continue the status quo. This horrible, unbearable status quo we\’ve been living for such a long time. I think it\’s time for change. REAL change. Binay and Roxas will not, cannot, and are completely unable make that happen. We need something risky, something drastic.I think we can no longer afford to let things continue as they are.


2 Responses to “Who I Will Vote for President”

  1. Mark on August 17th, 2015 2:28 am

    I’m gonna be voting for Duterte too if he ever makes the decision to run. I lived two years in Davao and have personally been impressed with how he runs things there. The country definitely needs someone like him!

  2. Robert on August 23rd, 2015 12:31 pm

    Duterte din ako.