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Half Kidding

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For those who actually read my last post, which was my April Fool\’s thing for this year… you might be interested to know that I was only half kidding. I do feel that way about social media, about Twitter and mostly Facebook. Except for approving a few tags, I actually haven\’t posted anything myself in my profile for the past 14 days. Not that anyone would notice.

Besides I\’ve got a lot of things going on offline lately which I just find crushing and it\’s really wearing on me. April has been the most difficult month so far yet for this year, second only to May last year when my mom passed away. Things really just went downhill after Komiket. In a way things have been going downhill for quite a while. It only accelerated after Komiket. I feel so worn out. I need to swim in a beach, or maybe even just a pool. Hang out on a lounge chair watching the sun go down with an ice cold green apple soda in my hand. I would kill for that right now.

I wish April was over. Once April is over and things we\’re expecting fall into place, I think it will get better from there. But right now it\’s still right in the thick of the month and the end of the tunnel is still so far away.


One Response to “Half Kidding”

  1. Arvin on April 12th, 2015 2:03 pm

    Hello Sir Gerry,

    Do not fret, I know you will get out of this situation and get by on your troubles and hardships in life. Just think that everytime it rains, the sun will rise for you to have a brand new day full of hope. I don’t want to sound so bubbly though, I read somewhere that life is a series of disappointments, mitigated only by death. I think this is going nowhere again, and I also hate to sound philosophical but sometimes all we can do is to fortify ourselves. I, too have some problems of my own, I got a lot to worry about because I have close relatives that needs some major operation/surgery. One on her foot and the other on her heart.

    I am also really glad that I finally met you in person, Sir Gerry. I read your comics, the ones I bought last week ago in Komiket and I really liked it. ^___^