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Being in comics one thing is for sure: I spend a lot of time just sitting down in front of a drawing table and computer. That part of my body getting the most exercise are my fingers. I\’ve put on a lot of weight ever since the late 1990s. I think I topped at around 91 kilos sometime in 2010. Look at this. This is me at my fattest during one of the conventions:


I started to recognize back then that I needed a change of lifestyle if I ever want to be healthier and be around longer. I started using less salt and sugar in my food. I dramatically decreased my intake of pork and beef. I started to generally eat much less. I didn\’t starve myself, of course. I just started eating smaller portions. We stopped having pizza and other stuff delivered for snacks completely. No more midnight snacks.

I also started to regulate my work hours strictly. I would work only up to 12 midnight or at the very most 1am. I no longer went on all nighters. I had to get my 8 hour sleep every day. I\’d probably take 6 hours at night and another two in the afternoon.

Exercise is my one last hurdle. Because I\’ve developed a really bad knee, running/jogging is out of the question. Even walking for long periods of time is out of the question. I might start using a cane very soon. Holy crap. If I do I\’ll make sure it will be one kick ass cane. With snakes and everything. I went ahead and got a pedal exerciser, something prescribed by a physical therapist, which I now use everyday.

Right now I\’m down to a more manageable 76 kilos. I never veer too far from it anymore. I\’d still like to go lower than that. 68 kilos is probably a more ideal weight for me. Because I lost all those pounds, I\’ve actually stopped snoring, which is great. It\’s something I was always deeply conscious of whenever I would sleep over at friends\’ places.

I do still eat meat maybe once a month. I still eat everything actually, but in strict moderation. Mostly it\’s just fish and vegetables and chicken. Fruits are awesome, but even that I\’m told by my doctor that I need to keep in moderation. I love mangoes and melons. Those two are my favorite fruits of all time.

This is me today:

Me and my childhood friend Dan Yatco. Photo by Benjie Jacinto.

I feel better than I did a few years before. Which is great. I have to be around to keep working, keep writing and drawing. I just really have a lot more stories to tell.


3 Responses to “Ensuring a Future”

  1. Reno on February 27th, 2014 10:46 am

    Try biking. It’s a bit easy on the knees. And it’s not boring like a stationary pedal exerciser (Although I guess you could pedal while you work).

    You can also try yoga, but that takes a lot of time out of your day if you’re busy.

    You do look better today, I remember there was a time that you lost weight drastically. I guess you’re now at a weight that you’re comfortable in. :)

  2. Paul Ramos on February 27th, 2014 1:20 pm

    How inspiring! I really don’t understand why many people ignore the true benefits of sleeping. I believe you should give a tip or two for those insomniacs. Two thumbs up, maestro!

  3. Jonas Diego on February 28th, 2014 7:20 pm

    OK rin nga ang topics natin these days e. Health and stuff. We’re getting older, man. Pero hardcore pa rin. We just need to be in bed by 12:00 MN (same bedtime). :D