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But I do like BEING in faraway places. I like it a lot. It\’s just that the travel itself to those places that really gets to me. I don\’t like the hassle of lining up for a visa, and all the suspicion and the condescension that come with applying for it. I really don\’t like riding planes. I really do hate flying. Not just because of the fear of crashing, but the weird way life transforms while on a very long plane ride. While you\’re there it\’s like a half-life. You feel like you\’re half conscious and not fully there. It\’s like walking underwater. There is a loud din that seems to press on you from all sides. It\’s almost like being in a dream.

When I get home from a trip that involves a plane ride, I almost always get sick. Coming home from Singapore last year I fell sick for two weeks. Thankfully enough, I didn\’t get sick from this last trip, but I did feel extraordinarily weird and out of sorts for a long time. In fact, it\’s been almost a couple of weeks since I\’ve been back and I still feel weird. Only now have my sleeping patterns have seemed to normalize. I still don\’t feel completely myself.

But you know what, it\’s completely worth it. Being in those faraway places, experiencing something new, meeting new people and making new friends… they\’re all worth it. Right at this moment I can\’t think of wanting to leave again, but I know for sure not too long from now I\’ll get the travel bug again and would want to get packing once more.


4 Responses to “I Don\’t Like Traveling”

  1. Paul Ramos on November 1st, 2013 3:26 am

    If only teleportation is part of our system, maestro. Just a thought of a place you want to go, and presto–you’re there already! Indeed, going to far places and stay a bit there may feel weird upon returning. At least, you traveled, stayed and savored the ARTS CAPITAL of the World! Congrats, maestro!

  2. Jose Mari Lee on November 1st, 2013 9:10 am


    Okay lang ang tavel kung nasa lugar kang “normal” na karamihan sa North America at Europe at Asia.

    Ang talagang na-experience kong travel na extremely unusual, and I could call an experience of a lifetime is: here in Canada.

    The Northwest Territories is something else. I stayed there all summer once, and all winter once, and the experience was just incredible.

    The place is so beautiful, I really believed the world should have been this way. The flowers, the trees, the rivers, and even the wildlife—are all incredibly intriguing.

    But nothing beats the summer. There, you will have 57 days of no nights. Straight day time. You watch the midnight sun hang up there but never goes down the horizon. 57 days of days!

    Then, comes the winter. And for 30 days you will not see daytime. The day begins as night, and ends as night. Then you begin to wonder what has happened to the sun. Indeed, you will have 30 DAYS OF NIGHTS!

    But—the 57 days of summer (May 24-July 17) are just amazing. You feel so carefree, enjoying the sun, having enough time to smell the wild flowers, just blooming everywhere around you. And the crystal clear rivers. Wow, they are so cold yet quite rejuvenating. Wild berries growing abundantly, you’d think you’re in paradise. And then you will watch the sun hover up there like noontime. But don’t expect it to go down behind the horizon. No, it will just move a little to the west, then comes back up again to continue your day time.

    And the 30 days of Nights (Dec. 6 – Jan. 5) —the surroundings transform into a Biblical setting. The Aurora Borealis looks like an apparition of God from heaven. Multiple colors of dancing lights (like giant curtains) will make you feel like Moses about to come face to face with God. :)

    This was my ultimate vacation, I tell you. I was driving along the highway, been driving for 5 hours and haven’t seen any person or car. Just wild animals running freely in the meadow. I had to bring several gallons of gas for my suv, because you won’t see any gas stations for hours on end. Yet, the highways are so well-taken care of. Absolutely relaxing drive.

    Yes. My trip to the vicinity of the top of the world was unforgettable. Next summer I will go there to join a group of Ghost Hunters in the Yukon gold mine which was the center of the world during the gold rush years. In the mine caverns and abandoned buildings, live the ghosts of the people who lived and died in those violent times. I look forward to this adventure. He-he.

  3. Gerry Alanguilan on November 1st, 2013 10:44 am

    JM… I don’t think I can take not seeing the sun for more than a few days. I just get depressed, specially if it’s cold. I like the cold temperature, but I also like the sun. I like things to be bright. I’m a morning person, really. Sometimes when conditions are right, specially when it’s raining, I get really depressed at night.

    Wow, you’re into ghost hunting huh? I really would like to get into that. I already have a few equipment for doing it. I already tried it a couple of times and the results were interesting. I approach it from the point of view of a skeptic… not accepting everything automatically as paranormal. But I do believe in ghosts. I just want to find evidence for it.

  4. Francis Buenaventura on November 1st, 2013 12:06 pm

    First and foremost, a big thank you for inspiring me without even trying to. Grabe salamat po!

    Some points:

    You made me go back in time when I lived and spent 6 months of my life in Morocco, the neighboring country of Algeria. Orange juice sold on the streets and in the restos are almost always freshly squeezed.

    Readership. Gerry, I’m a Language teacher-World Religion Teacher and Sped Teacher and I love reading Pinoy Komik books. Don’t be surprised with this reveleation: in my school of almost 60 teachers, about half of us are avid readers of graphic novels – Pinoy and Foreign. Wala lang talagang time to attend book launch because of work.

    Sana marami pang lumabas na gawa mo na mayroon akong access at ang libo-libong mambabasa ng Pinoy Komiks.

    Salamat Gerry for putting out country in the global map for comics.