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Old pals Johnny Danganan, Jonas Diego and his gf Ysa along with me and Ilyn met for lunch today at Simple Treats here in San Pablo. It\’s been a while since we saw each other and it\’s nice to know that we can still be good friends in spite of not being constantly in touch with each other. It\’s like we just pick up from where we left off the last time. I don\’t even remember when that last time was.

It\’s nice to see friends. I was kind of \”off\” the past few weeks because of a cough that wouldn\’t go away. After seeing a couple of doctors it was deemed an allergy, but I\’m allergic to what, I have no idea. After weeks of barking like a mad dog it\’s eased up considerably the last few days. I\’ve had to decline a lot of invites to meets and TV stuff and such because of it. And for that I really do apologize.

During that time I was still able to work, but not as fast as I would like. Hopefully I\’m back up to speed. And I have a lot of work to do. Aside from the inking job, I have a lot of stories to write. I also have a lot of stuff to draw. I need to get back to drawing. It\’s been a while since I\’ve done any hardcore drawing. I don\’t want to get rusty. I would like to have something new at the very least, for release at Komikon in November.

Speaking of Komikon, yesterday was Indieket, which is kind of a Komikon that emphasizes the local indie creators. I wasn\’t able to go but I hear a lot of really good releases came out. That sounds really promising. Check out this public Facebook photo gallery of the goings on at the Indieket.

Next week is the annual Cebu Comics Convention. I think it\’s the third (or fourth?) one in a row. Old pal Jonas is actively involved in organizing this one. Although I won\’t be able to go, WASTED will be there for sale. I\’m sending over at least 20 copies.

A couple of weeks ago I posted what was essentially a \”last\” video on You Tube entitled \”174 Words\”. It\’s a very long, low resolution video that lasts almost 43 minutes. If anybody had the patience to actually watch it until the end, they would realize there won\’t be any more videos from me, at least for a while. In fact, \”Berry (So Many Words)\” should have been my last, but I made a promise in that video to a lot of viewers so I had to make at least one more. I guess I just woke up one morning and thought, damn, I don\’t want to make videos anymore. That\’s it. That\’s my only reason. And since my only reason for ever doing any of my videos is because I wanted to do it, I guess I\’ll stop when I don\’t feel like it anymore.

Will I still make videos? Maybe, I don\’t know. If you ask me right now I\’ll say NO. But who knows? Tomorrow I might feel I might want to make videos again. Very unlikely tomorrow. Maybe one day. Right now, I just can\’t stomach it anymore.

I\’m also using Facebook less. I do still go to Facebook and check if anyone\’s tagged me and respond to stuff here and there. I still participate in some groups, but I haven\’t been posting much on my profile lately. Once in a while I\’ll post in my page. One thing I don\’t do anymore is browse \”Home\”. I just don\’t feel like it anymore.

I do still tweet. I think I\’m very comfortable with tweeting. And since I\’m blogging now I guess I still feel comfortable blogging. After all, I\’ve been doing this since 1997. I think I\’ll always be writing.


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