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Where/How to Buy Indie Komiks Online

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The previous blog entry \”The Evolution of the Philippine Indie Comic Book\” has elicited a comment from a reader asking where they can buy these comic books online. That\’s an absolutely fair question. One common feedback that creators mostly get is that their work isn\’t easily accessible. How does one from Davao or Palawan, or Aparri get a copy of Jon Zamar\’s \”Digmaang Salinlahi\” for instance, or Tepai Pascual\’s \”Maktan\”?

Bear in mind that these creators are self publishers. These means they are most likely working out of their own homes. They have no employees, no drivers, no marketing managers, no circulation managers, no nationwide distribution network, much less the millions of pesos needed to make that all possible. They just have their comics which they sell themselves at comic book stores or at conventions.

If you cannot wait for a comics convention to happen in your area, or no comics conventions are planned at all in your area, what are you going to do, short of going to Manila yourself?

That\’s easy. You just need to get in touch with the authors directly. All you need is Facebook. That\’s right. If you don\’t have any Facebook account for whatever reason, do try to get one. You don\’t have to use it if you don\’t want to. Just use it to contact these creators. Pretty much ALL of these creators are on Facebook and are easy to get in touch with. And once you get in touch with them, I\’m sure they will be very happy to sell their comic books to you directly. Not only will you get to interact with the creators directly, I\’m sure they\’ll be very happy to sign your copy as well. It\’s a win win!

And once you are on Facebook, try to join these groups/pages:

That way, you will become aware of the various titles that are available for purchase.

And a tip to all comics pros on Facebook: make it a habit to look at your \”Other\” Inbox on Facebook. That\’s where messages from people who are not on your friends\’ list go when they try to get in touch with you.


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