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Komiks Artist Vergil Espinosa Needs Your Help

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Bayan Knights artist Vergil Espinosa was recently hospitalized for kidney failure, which requires expensive dialysis treatment. Vergil\’s cousin Etey Buendia is holding a fundraising called \”Superhero Run for daVerge\” (daVerge is Vergil\’s DeviantArt handle) to raise awareness and funds.

From Etey\’s Facebook post:

Dear family and friends, please support me in my \”Superhero Run for daVerge\”…\”daVerge\” Vergil Espinosa is my cousin and is my Superheroe. He is a comic book artist and is part of a group from different parts of the country (and some based overseas) who does collaboration work to revitalize the local Comics industry. They created Bayan Knights, a fictional superhero team from the Philippines. He is diagnosed w/ Kidney Failure due to arthritis in the knees & elbows and is undergoing dialysis 4 times a day. I am doing a fundraising project for my cousin, daVerge. Per Kilometer logged = $0.25 or P5 (donation)…i\’ll post more details on how to send your donations. To see daVerge\’s artworks kindly click on the link: http://daverge.deviantart.com/

If anyone wishes to donate to Vergil directly, they can do so by depositing to his account here: BPI Savings acct. name \”Vergil Aaron Espinosa\” acct.no. 3249007306

Donations can go a long way specially during this difficult period. Kidney failure, however, is a long term thing. When kidneys go bad, it\’s permanent. Unlike other organs, it doesn\’t regenerate. It\’s either you have dialysis for the rest of your life or you have a kidney transplant. Both of which will be very expensive, and donations can only do so much.

If I can give any advice to Vergil and his family is they file for Philhealth, if they haven\’t already. If they already have it, then it\’s great. Philhealth will pay for half of Vergil\’s dialysis treatments in one year, which is kind of a big deal. It will also take care of a sizable chunk of the costs if ever he should want a transplant.

Best of luck, Vergil. You\’re a young dude, you can take this no problem. I hope to see you around at the next comics events!


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