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For some reason, I\’m more invested now in elections than I ever was before. It\’s probably because I am older, and I can see the big picture more clearly. And from this vantage point, I can see and understand just how powerful our vote is in determining our fate and our future in this country.

During the course of the last couple of years I was driven into rage whenever I hear questionable laws that come to pass, laws like the deeply flawed and abusive Anti Cybercrime Law of 2012. They came to pass because Senators and Congressmen made it happen. And who was responsible for putting those people there? US. It was US. That was just one in the many such incidents that made me think about who to vote for in the upcoming elections.

As an artist, an abusive and oppressive law like the Anti Crime Law is something I\’m deeply invested in. It\’s an issue I care about because of the work I do. So, you senators who have authored and supported this Anti CyberCrime law, don\’t think I have forgotten you. Your names are listed in many sites online and are easy to remember. I will not be voting for you.

YOU however, whoever you are reading this, you would have to learn what issues you care about, and it is your responsibility to find out which senators support or don\’t support your issues, and vote accordingly. Just google it, you know? A lot of information can be found online on what issues these people stand for.

As for me, as I mentioned, I am always against any law that suppresses my freedom and my rights as an artist. That encompasses a lot of different laws including the Intellectual Property Law, which a lot of political hopefuls in the coming election so gleefully violate with their illegally used music for their campaign jingles. If you have used music illegally to prop up your own campaign, I WILL NOT VOTE FOR YOU. Using music by artists like Psy or Adele or Village People may seem to you like it\’s not a big deal, but that is a violation of the intellectual property rights of an artist.

What is intellectual property? They are simply ideas. As artists, we can came up with ideas that will benefit us as individuals. These are ideas that non-artists would be unable to or would have difficulty to come up with. That\’s because it comes from our talent, and the years of hard work developing that talent. If you use those ideas without our permission and without compensation, you are practically stealing money from us. That\’s the simplest way I can put it. It\’s like you came up to me and grabbed my wallet.

These candidates using the music of Psy, Adele, Village People etc…? These candidates are grabbing these artists\’ wallets. And to me, and according to the law, this is a CRIME.

The COMELEC also released a set of guidelines that candidates must follow. A lot of these are pretty simple. Candidates have an allowed period of time when they can campaign, and they aren\’t allowed to post campaign posters on trees, electric posts, overpasses, etc. But we all know almost all candidates have violated this. That made my job of selecting my choices much easier because if you violated those COMELEC guidelines, again, I WILL NOT VOTE FOR YOU. You are a lawbreaker and to me that makes you a criminal. I don\’t vote for criminals.

On a more personal note, I am for gay marriage rights, and I am for The Reproductive Health Bill. Any sentatoriable who opposes those will not get my vote. It\’s really as simple as that.

But as I said, please remember that this is purely a personal issue. You vote for whoever you want, just as long as you really thought about it, and you feel that these people will support the issues that you support.


DO NOT vote simply because you think their smile is pretty, or they look nice, or they were a popular actor once, or they come from a political family and their name is familiar to you, or they refuse to debate publicly or if your parents told you. You know any decision based on that would be pretty stupid. And yes, you would be pretty stupid to vote simply based on that.

Here\’s a couple of videos where Johnny Danganan and I eleborate more on our favorite issues:

THere you go! Use your vote wisely guys! Our future is in our hands!


3 Responses to “Philippine Elections 2013: Making The Right Choice”

  1. Paul Garcia on May 9th, 2013 11:21 pm

    Gladly, I don’t VOTE with those LOSERS (essentially, ALL OF THEM!). I dream of a highly critically-minded MIDDLE CLASS!

  2. Francis Buenaventura on May 13th, 2013 11:59 am

    Hi Gerry!

    I was inspired by your post and I wrote about the Mid-term Election 2013 on my blog with your Johnny Balbona samples. By the way, I used the same Johnny Balbona samples for my Summative test for my Grade 8 class with my Unit on Pop Culture. Thanks much!!!

    Also, will you be coming up with a compendium/collection of your Dr. Rizal Adventures, Humanis Rex and other works into one? I hope you do.

    Until then!

  3. Paul Garcia on May 14th, 2013 11:11 pm

    Tsk, to quote a great philosopher, “What the people and government learn from the lessons of history is that they never learn at all!” Tsk!