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Quite a few people have asked me during the signing and through email if I had inked Indestructible Hulk #1. The confusion is understandable because my name doesn\’t appear in the credits of the book. But yes, I did ink all the pages in the issue, and my name was unfortunately left out. They have since apologized and said they would rectify the situation with future printings and issues. I hadn\’t planned on posting about it on my blog as the matter was settled, but I also realize I have to let people know who have been curious about it.

Thanks to everyone who bought the comic book and came to our signing last Saturday. It was awesome, guys. Comic Odyssey tells us it\’s the most number of people who showed up for an in-store signing so far.


6 Responses to “Inks on Indestructible Hulk #1”

  1. Ed on November 27th, 2012 8:55 pm

    The pages are crazy. Katakot mag-ink ng ganitong pages. XD Congrats to you guys! :D

  2. Paul Garcia on November 28th, 2012 1:56 am

    If Marvel ever re-issue a second printing with your name on it, I WILL BUY THAT ONE, just for you!

  3. Jose Mari Lee on November 28th, 2012 4:32 am

    Complex and awesome!

  4. Cjay Hernandez on December 4th, 2012 9:46 am


  5. Mark Cerbo on December 15th, 2012 3:12 pm

    Hi Gerry,

    Forgot to share you photos from last month’s signing due to the Iloilo trip and other things…


  6. Francis Lim on December 18th, 2012 6:01 pm

    nice to see your inks over Leinil’s pencils….