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The December issue of Rogue Magazine carries with it a one page comic strip depicting a short history of Philippine Comics. In it, the writer asserts that Carlo J. Caparas was responsible for the rise of independent comics like my Elmer and Carlo Vergara\’s ZsaZsa Zaturnnah.

This is absolutely, any utterly UNTRUE.

Carlo J. Caparas had NOTHING to do with the rise of the Philippine Independent Komiks Industry. NOTHING AT ALL. I don\’t know where this writer even got this idea because it is just absolutely RIDICULOUS.

To further validate this, I\’ve started to put together, with the help of the many independent komiks creators stretching back to 1993, a comprehensive timeline of significant events and publishing history of the new Pinoy Komiks, where one can see clearly this was all happening without Carlo J. Caparas.

The main purpose of the timeline however, aside from setting the record straight, is to document and archive and to fully cement in history, the accomplishments of modern day Filipino komiks creators.

If you are a Filipino komiks creator who have published comics here in the Philippines from 1993 onward, please send me an email at gerryalanguilan at yahoo dot com with the subject line \”Komiks Timeline\”. Please include the Title, Date of Publication, Publisher and list of creators.

I will be posting this timeline sometime early December.

Here is the response from Rogue Magazine:

I applaud Budjette\’s efforts to reach out to Rogue, and while it\’s good that we got some kind of response, I feel it\’s not good enough. Hopefully, there will be an erratum in the next issue.


7 Responses to “Rogue December Issue Comics Article Rebuttal (UDPATED!)”

  1. Jose Mari Lee on November 26th, 2012 9:11 am

    Jeez, why would anyone write an article and not check his facts? This sort of thing reminds me of some people who would write the history of the old komiks industry and would just wing it without even asking those people who were part of that industry and who are still alive and kicking, to create a truthful, historically factual article.

    Some people are absolutely blinded by hype or grandstanding by some charlatans with megalomaniac complex! No wonder Hitler succeeded half-way in his horrific plan against mankind, because people like this writer allow himself to be used (whether deliberately or not) by brainless believers that there was “one and only one” person who caused to effect a resurgence of comics being created by the new blood of comics creators.

    I think the editor of the magazine who publish the article should be told pointblank that if he allows a revisionist article written by one of his staff to be published and the content is absolutely inaccurate – the magazine should write an apology to the new breed of comics creators for making them look like Sorcerer’s Apprentices.

    Just like in Goethe’s poem, the Sorcerer leaves and his apprentice given the chore of fetching water. Got tired of the chore, apprentice enchants a broom to do the work for him — using magic in which he is not yet fully trained. The floor is soon awash with water, and the apprentice realizes that he cannot stop the broom because he does not know how. Not knowing how to control the enchanted broom, the apprentice splits it in two with an axe, but each of the pieces becomes a new broom and takes up a pail and continues fetching water, now at twice the speed. When all seems lost, the old sorcerer returns, quickly breaks the spell and saves the day.

    Well, heck, this article in question is making it sounding like that! Again, the Sorcerer has saved the komiks!


  2. Josel Nicolas on November 26th, 2012 11:45 am

    GAAAAAAH. What is wrong with journalists these days?! It’s not like its that hard to research the nu komiks movement. It’s basically on the net anyhow, you can fucking ask the Komikon committee the actual story. Horrendous !!

  3. Ed on November 26th, 2012 1:39 pm

    Kahit anino ni Carlo J. Caparas di mo makikita sa mga komiks convention. Buti na lang, at least may nag-cosplay na CJC. Pero the real person don’t even have guts to attend. Sabitan pa namin sya ng sampaguita pag nag-confirm sya na dadalo. :) For real!

    I just don’t get why people don’t even bother to research. Hello…Google is our best friend online.

    I should send to that Timeline thingy. I just want to recall when I first published my work including that Glitter Magazine issue. :) Can’t find my copy. :(

  4. Reno on November 26th, 2012 1:44 pm

    Who the hell is this writer?

  5. raphael bartolome on November 26th, 2012 2:46 pm

    I feel Ph comics industry is trying too hard to praise itself. I always see it during cons as if the works are great but can’t find anything good and original in the comics.

    Not hatin just stating the reality of it.

  6. Gerry Alanguilan on November 27th, 2012 11:57 am

    Raphael, I agree that there are many local comics that are lacking in quality, but I disagree that there are none that are good. You may not like books like Trese, but it was good and original enough to enough people to win the National Book Awards. There have been many recent local comic books to receive such acclaim and recognition not only here in the Philippines but abroad. Again, maybe not your cup of tea, but a lot of people (and not all of them Filipinos) think that we’re doing good stuff.

  7. Paul Garcia on November 28th, 2012 1:50 am

    That’s the problem of today’s generation in terms of research. They rely only on either Wikipedia or some so-called “experts” when they are not. Called me old-school, but the kind of research I studied and still relishing is to double (or triple or more) check the “PRIMARY” sources, and critically put these sources for veracity, accuracy, consistency, and in context. Sadly, many writers nowadays are projecting themselves as experts of this and that, and many readers (especially the un-critical minded types, or gullible) believe many of the so-called FACTS these pretentious “experts” said. Misleading and distorting indeed!