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The first Iloilo Comics Convention is going to be held on December 2, 2012 at the Robinson\’s Place Iloilo, Corner De Leon & Quezon Streets, Iloilo City. The event will be from 10am to 9pm. I\’ll be there to promote ELMER. National Book Store will be on hand of course, and although there\’s no definite schedule yet, I\’ll be there to sign books at their booth.

You guys have no idea how incredibly happy I am whenever there are new conventions like this. They seem to be popping up all over the country now, and I do try to attend as much as I can. I still feel bad I was unable to attend cons in Bikol and Baguio, as well as the cosplay convention GTMACCON in Manila due to unavoidable circumstances, but I\’m nevertheless happy these are all happening. And then yes, there\’s also going to be another new comics convention to be held in General Santos City in January 2013. I was invited there, and I will try my best to go.

This is the third time I\’m going to Iloilo. The first time was around 1996 for an Architect\’s conference. I liked the city immediately and I always thought about coming back. I had that opportunity in February 2008 when I gave a talk at the University of the Philippines there.

Here\’s a blog entry of mine from February 23, 2008:

I learned that there were a lot of young people very much interested in creating their own comics. Not only interested, but very passionate. A few people who missed my talk asked when I was coming back, and I guess December 2012 is going to be it! I hope to see those people I met during my 2008 visit and see how their interest in comics has developed. Have they since created their own comics? Have they developed as artists and writers?

I also received a few emails asking when we would organize a convention in Iloilo. My answer to that has always been this: the effort to organize such an event has to come from people living there, and when that happens, if they invite me I will definitely come. To those in Iloilo asking for a local convention for these past several years, well this is your chance! I really hope to see you there!


One Response to “The First Iloilo Comics Convention”

  1. Paul Garcia on November 7th, 2012 1:53 am

    My unsolicited advice for the master if he intends to go to GenSan–go to Lake Sebu, if time permits! Great people there, fresh air and surroundings, and yet to be contaminated by the ravages of either capitalism and industrialization. Siyempre po, masarap and mura ang mga pagkain sa GenSan! Good Luck po, Master!