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People will still probably remember (and recently a few of them reminded me they do) the good old days of heated debates on this blog. Yeah, that was quite something, wasn\’t it? I was pretty opinionated back then, and yes, I still am today. But there is a difference. Towards the end of those days of crazy debates, I realized I wasted a lot of time and energy debating topics that just went round and round. I fully engaged people who were out simply to be contradictory, and it just exhausted me.

My mistake was perhaps my own pride and ego that kept me defending my opinion. And this led to debates that never really ended. I\’ve since learned to allow people to have the last say.

Nowadays whenever I offer up an opinion on my blog, I really just leave it at that. I believe my opinions are represented well by the original post and that no further explanation is really necessary. If people don\’t agree with it, then that\’s fine. I will no longer debate the finer points of it. If I have been misunderstood and people reacted accordingly, then it\’s not really my problem anymore. I\’ve since learned not to care if people think I was wrong. Used to be I cared a lot, that\’s why I kept defending myself. Right now, well, go ahead and believe what you want.

I\’ve also since learned to ignore people who are just out to keep putting me down. People who offer nothing but negatives and pessimism.

I have to differentiate \”critique\” with opinions that are simply unproductive, destructive, and just simply unhelpful. I am open to the critique, but as for the rest I now have zero tolerance for. If I give any attention to that, I just waste time, effort, emotions, and I run the risk of raising my blood pressure, which isn\’t good.

So yeah, I guess those good old days are never coming back. I just have no time for it anymore, and I just have no energy for it anymore.


4 Responses to “The Good Old Days of This Blog?”

  1. Ed on November 5th, 2012 9:24 am

    May mga tao talaga na kahit anong gawin mo, they’ll keep talking to so you would agree to what they are saying. :-\

  2. Robert Nacion on November 5th, 2012 10:56 am

    very well said bossing :)

  3. Jose Mari Lee on November 6th, 2012 2:25 am

    Gerry: I think you did handle well the heated debates a few years ago. Many were quite opinionated, but that’s fine as long as they know exactly what they’re talking about. Unfortunately, some of the guys who joined in the fray were just there to annoy everyone because there was no substance to what they were saying, and some were simply sputing out hearsay. But, for those who took the time to share their views, actually made sense. I always find it uplifting to read opinionated people’s views in a legit discussion because even if I disagree with their views, I still get another angle that may not side with my views, but would still give me awareness of the possibility of what they were saying.

    However, for those who were there just to vex everyone, they were hopeless and didn’t know what (argumentation and debate) is all about, especially when they don’t have to reveal their real identity, and starts attacking you personally. It happened to all of us – and they even involved the reputation of people related to us who have nothing to do with the subject being debated on.

    I’m glad those days of “hitting below the belt” is over. The damage it has done to some of us is irrepairable.

  4. Paul Garcia on November 7th, 2012 1:46 am

    Master Gerry, if Voltaire’s around, he would be impressed by your stand! As what he would say, “I may disagree with you, but I will defend your right to express your view.” In the end, opinions are just, well, opinions. So goes to criticisms and other negative thoughts.