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We\’re 10 days into January and I haven\’t posted anything yet! Anyway, it\’s a new year and I\’m still working. And I\’m extremely grateful for that. I never forget how lucky I am to be working at all, in an industry that I just love to death. A new year comes with new projects! Finally finishing off Superior with the final triple sized final seventh issue which comes out well, very soon! I\’m already working on two other projects one of which is \”Supercrooks\” written by Mark Millar and pencilled by Leinil Francis Yu. Click here for a preview!

I\’m also inking another Leinil Yu project, an issue of Avenging Spider-Man for Marvel Comics. I don\’t know yet what number it is, or other creative people involved, but I\’m nevertheless excited that I\’m getting to ink SPIDER-MAN. Oh man.


I received an email asking me to audition for an ad for a drink product where I\’ll be asked to play the typical energetic dad. Yes! It\’s my chance for people to get sick of my face as the ad is played over and over in between people\’s favorite TV shows. It\’s a thrill to be asked, but really, it\’s not my thing. As I\’ve often mentioned before the videos on You Tube are simply stuff I do on my free time, and when I need to release some stress. It\’s not something I want to do professionally.

More later.


7 Responses to “First Post of 2012”

  1. KC Cordero on January 10th, 2012 11:55 am

    Congrats. Tuluy-tuloy ang suwerte (na pinaghihirapan!). :)

  2. Miko on January 10th, 2012 12:08 pm

    Happy New Year, Gerry! I’m very happy for you, 2011 has been very good to you; I’m hoping 2012 will be even better…

    I hope between projects you will still have time to publish Humanis REX!, Timawa and The Amazing Dr. Rizal. But, regardless, we’re a patient bunch. Just do your thing :D

  3. raipo on January 11th, 2012 7:18 pm

    wow lucky lucky! Good start manong :D

  4. Hazel on January 14th, 2012 4:22 am

    wow! model ka na, hindi lang celebrity icon! congrats!

  5. Marius Black on January 19th, 2012 4:55 am

    Astig!! I’m excited to see you ink Spidey sir! >:D

  6. Danry Ocampo on January 20th, 2012 8:51 am

    Hi Gerry,

    I’ll be completing my set of SUPERIOR soon. From what I previewed at PLANETX comics, Superior really turned out great. Stellar art from both you and Leinil. I’ll be getting SUPERCROOKs and will be patiently waiting for Komikero Publishing’s REPRINT editions of WASTED



  7. narj on February 1st, 2012 4:46 pm

    Reprinting WASTED is a good idea.