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End of October

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November is just around the corner and pretty soon, it\’s 2012! 2011 has been another eventful year for me personally. A LOT of changes. A few health issues have forced me to look very closely at and prioritize the most important things in life. Family and work, basically. In that order. I lost a LOT of weight. From December 2010 to today, I\’ve lost like 40 plus pounds. My jeans are 6 sizes smaller than they were during Christmas. And I feel just GREAT! I like not being so heavy anymore. And I plan to keep it that way. And as I get older, I realize it\’s easier to manage what I eat than I did before. I still pretty much can eat what I want, but everything is in moderation. With less salt, sugar and oil.

October 15, 2011

May 2010 on the set of Tin-tin, 15

Workwise, it\’s been just fantastic. Marvel\’s been keeping me really busy with the inking job. I\’ve been working on Ultimate Avengers, and then currently Superior, and I was also able to ink a few pages of the upcoming Fantastic Four #600.


Working on Superior is great, but I can\’t help but get a fanboy tingle when I inked those characters in Fantastic Four. I don\’t want to say what that character is, because they may be keeping that under wraps, but it\’s pretty awesome.

Of course, my pride and joy will always be ELMER. I really can\’t believe the recognition this thing has gotten this year. An Eisner nomination, and Award in France, and a couple more nominations in other comics and sci fi festivals in Europe. And now National Book Store has published a second Philippine edition. Nevertheless, I wish it would sell much better, as the recognition it has gotten doesn\’t seem to be in direct proportion to sales, as my publishers in the US and Europe have told me.

From the beginning up to now, there has been resistance from people to read it inspite of the reviews it has gotten. Most of the feedback I get is that people are turned off by animal comics, or that it\’s chickens and they think it\’s funny animals. I even read one review where this guy, after much hemming and hawing, finally borrowed Elmer from his local library, dumped it in his car and forgot about it until the library came calling looking for it. He found it under the seat of the car, soaked with water. He then had to buy a replacement and keep the soiled copy. After he finally owned it, he decided to read it, and he really liked it.

I read other similar reviews where people were hesitant to read it for one reason or another, and kept putting it off, until after finally reading it, they found that they really liked it.

I guess I\’ve come to accept that Elmer is just the slow burn kind of thing… which is just OK. It\’s like cooking. My favorite technique in cooking has always been to boil the meat for a long time under low heat. That means I usually start cooking earlier, but it\’s really worth it.

Photo by Aileen Apolo

The other night I attended the Official You Tube Philippines Launch at White Space in Makati. I wanted to go because You Tube has been a large part of my life for many years now. I have like 480 videos up at You Tube, 440 of them public. One of those videos exploded last year and went viral, and made my face a regular sight on Tumblr and other places.


I really didn\’t know what to expect when I went to the launch. I figure I\’d see a lot of the other Filipinos creating videos on You Tube, some of whom I should be familiar with. But that really didn\’t happen. I did see a lot of Google people. And I did see what may probably be the most popular Philippine based You Tubers, Moymoy Palaboy, but I didn\’t recognize a lot of the others. I had wanted to talk to someone about an issue I have with You Tube where my Hey Baby! video was cited for copyright violation. Apparently, You Tube thinks it\’s owned by ABS-CBN. It hasn\’t been resolved yet as of now.

I did see Aileen Apolo, who also does videos on You Tube, as well as old pals Jonas Diego and Budjette Tan, who also upload videos up at You Tube. I did enjoy the bands that performed. Seeing Moymoy Palaboy doing their schtick live was weird. That kind of stuff works online, but I\’m not sure if it works live. The roast pig was great.

I couldn\’t stay too long though, as the place didn\’t have chairs. Hehe. Events like these are for people younger than me. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it. It was nice to get out like that.

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