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In Case You Need More Convincing To Read \”ELMER\”

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From the list of all the new comics published between 1 November 2010 and June 10, 2011 (2365 titles), the 63 active members of the Association of critics and journalists Love (CALL) have chosen, each 10 albums that they considered essential, in order to select 20 titles Critics Association and journalists Comic highlights for the summer.


Here is the list presented in alphabetical order of titles selected

• Alter Ego T1 and T2 Mathieu Reynes, Benjamin Beneteau, Pierre-Paul Renders and Denis Lapière Editions

• The Adventures of Philip Francis and T2: The Trap Machiavellian Nicolas Barral and Pierre Veys

• Blast T2: The Apocalypse of Saint Jacky Manu Larcenet, Dargaud

• The Singer unnamed Balez and Olivier Arnaud Le Gouëfflec, Glénat

• Romantic comedy pornographic Jimmy Beaulieu, Editions Delcourt

• Elmer Gerry Alanguilan, Editions Ca Et La

• In the kitchen with Alain Passard Christophe Blain, Gallimard

• Children of Jessica T1 Laurent Hirn and Luc Brunschwig, editions Futuropolis

• Island of a hundred thousand deaths of Jason and Fabien Vehlmann, Glénat

• Julia & Roem Enki Bilal, Casterman

• Lomax: collectors of folk songs of Franz Duchazeau, Dargaud

• The long journey of Christian Cailleau and Bernard Giraudeau, Editions Dupuis

• André Juillard Mezek and Yann Le Lombard Editions

• Polina Bastien Vives, Casterman-KSTR

• The Prone Gunman by Jacques Tardi according to Jean-Patrick Cuff, editions Futuropolis

• Renée Ludovic Debeurme, editions Futuropolis

• Too much is not enough Ulli Lust, published here and there

• A long destiny of blood T2: Act 2, Fabien Bedouelle and Frédéric Laurent-Bollée, Editions 12 a

• The Viandier of Polpette T1: wild garlic Julien Neel and Olivier Milhaud, Editions Gallimard

• Travel to the Islands of Desolation by Emmanuel Lepage, published Futuropolis

171 other albums have captured the attention and vote of active members of CALL, but they did not
enough votes to be included among the 20 essential summer.

This list can possibly afford to make a first selection for the Grand Prix de la Critique 2011 that
will be announced in December.


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