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Elmer Nominated at the 2011 Prix Asie-ACBD

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I only found out about it while browsing websites, when I came upon this site. Since the site was in French, I didn\’t know exactly what it meant, even when I translated it through Google. I really don\’t trust robot translators all that much. It wasn\’t until Budjette Tan and my French publisher confirmed what it meant and I saw it mentioned on the Comics Reporter site, did I finally knew what it was.

It\’s basically an award given to Asian works translated into the French. Elmer is one of five nominees which includes \”Kamui Den\” by Sanpei Shirato, \”La Plaine du Kantô\” by Kazuo Kamimura, \”Le Voyage de Ryu\” by Shôtarô Ishinomori and \”Vinland Saga\” Makoto Yukimura.

The winner will be announced at the Japan Expo awards on June 30.

I wish I was going! :D


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