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APRIL FOOLS DAY POST #2: Notice to The Public

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Notice is hereby given to the general public that Johnny Danganan and Jonas Diego (Pictured below) are no longer affiliated with the Komikero Artists Group.


The public is warned that the said individuals are no longer authorized to represent the group \”Komikero\”, or Gerry Alanguilan in any manner, shape or form. They are no longer allowed to use the term \”Komikero Komiks Anthology\” to publish their comic books, although they are allowed to dispose of any remaining copies. They are advised not to attend any more Komikero Meetings, and to stay away from my person for at least 100 meters at all times or risk legal action.

On a personal note, I wish that this issue had not been so public, and I take due responsibility for my own part in the matter, and for that I apologize wholeheartedly. I\’ve known these people for most of my life. It was very difficult to think straight at the time, given the situation. My trust in people has been terribly shaken and I still currently remain incapable of complete and sound judgment.

I understand perfectly well what date it is, and it is unfortunate that I\’ve had to make this announcement at this time. All I can say is I wish I were joking. But it was essential to get this information out to the public as soon as possible to prevent any further complications.

I will not be answering questions and I will be disabling comments to this post.


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