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At 42 minutes, Three Days is a not so short film that my friends Maya Salas, Jonas Diego, Johnny Danganan, and dog Boney helped me make during periods when I wasn\’t working on my comics stuff. Thanks guys! I shot it over the past couple of months, doing a few minutes here and there.

Ok, it didn\’t work as an April Fool\’s gag, but I guess I knew it would be pretty obvious. I did plan it well in advance, even disappearing from my usual online haunts for a couple of weeks before April 1 just to help sell the gag. Even though I knew everyone would get it right away (you guys expect me to do something foolish this time of year after all), it was nevertheless a really fun thing to do.

Click below for the Three Days Official Site, where you can watch the not so short film in its entirety.

Directed by Gerry Alanguilan
with Malaya Salas, Jonas Diego, Johnny Danganan and Boney

At first I didn\’t realize I was doing it, but then it occurred to me that I was actually doing a rather loose film adaptation of my own comic book story \”ATAKE!\”, which came out in Sindak! Horror-Thriller Magazine, published by ABS-CBN Publishing in 2008.

I\’ll be selling DVDs of this at Summer Komikon, which would include a few additional features like interviews with Maya, Jonas and Johnny, outtakes and bloopers.

That said, Happy Birthday to my mother in law, as well as Gilbert Monsanto!


3 Responses to “\”Three Days\” Short Film”

  1. Jose Mari Lee on April 1st, 2010 4:32 am


    Sana, para mas mayroong suspense sa kung ano ba ang nangyari, hindi sana inilagay yung dialogue na: “Si Gerry na ang bahalang magsabi.” Instead, “eto, panoorin ninyo kung ano ba talaga ang nangyari.” At least, we haven’t been given the crucial plotpoint early on.

    This dialogue gave everything away from the very beginning. The fact that Gerry will explain things, well, the viewer knew right at the bat that Gerry is still alive and with his brain intact, because he still have the capacity to explain things.

    Ang medyo napansin ko pa sa ending, delayed reaction si Johhny. The camera being on, he would have noticed it immediately. And granted he didn’t, the dialogue saying: “Eto o, bukas pa ang kamera” would have been more convincing without the dialogue. We are seeing what was happening already, anyway. I replayed the scene without the sound and it became more convincing, indeed. Try watching that scene without the sound – before Johnny’s dialogue and you’ll realize how natural it would have been. Anyway, that dialogue is just an annoyance. Better left out. And the guys who found Gerry slumped on the floor need to have more internalization so that the worries on their faces would look more believable. Perhaps a retake of the last sequence without the spoon feeding dialogue and more convincing facial expressions from the two actors would make the video much better.

    And…no, I absolutely disagree. Boney is a tremendously photogenic boy, he even looks angelic to me. May I request for a video featuring Boney? He’s so lovable and he captivated me the first time his image appeared on screen. I think he deserves to have his own video on You Tube for the whole world to see, doncha aggree?

  2. kc cordero on April 1st, 2010 10:03 am

    April fools!

  3. Pinoy Comics USA on April 2nd, 2010 7:04 am

    Better than The Shining and Blair Witch Project.