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Someone posted in the comments section that they found a copy of Francisco V. Coching\’s Lapu-Lapu, Coching\’s komiks-nobela from the early 50\’s (a year or so after El Indio), at a National Book Store in Sta. Rosa.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, I have to say I was aware of this project for some time. The publisher of this reprint is ATLAS PUBLISHING! Oh yeah! Atlas is once again weighing in as PUBLISHER of KOMIKS! And this time with a compilation of Lapu-Lapu. And that\’s not all. This is not the only Coching title that\’s set for release. More about this shortly.

UPDATED! Images received from Atlas Publishing:




I wish to offer thanks to ATLAS Publishing for returning to comics in a big way by bringing back one of Coching\’s classic stories in a complete package and at an affordable price.

Regardless of what form these reprints come in, whether it\’s Vibal\’s high end version compared to ATLAS\’ more affordable one, to me it means the Filipinos are once again getting to know one of the greatest Filipino artists who ever lived. For a while there he was almost forgotten because none of his works are available to be appreciated.

Mabuhay si Francisco V. Coching!


46 Responses to “Francisco V. Coching\’s Lapu-Lapu: Compiled and Republished! (UPDATED!)”

  1. Jose Mari Lee on December 13th, 2009 3:34 am


    Now that Atlas has joined in the Coching revival bandwagon, it might be necessary for anybody who’s publishing any comic book “owned” by Atlas – to ask permission from this publisher. I can see some legality trouble on the horizon. I hope Vibal had secured some concessions with Atlas in the revival of El Indio.

    Letters of cease and desist could be flying soon!
    Reviving any material from them could be wading in dangerous waters.

    It seems to me that Atlas is doing a B movie act, as in: The Brain That Wouldn’t Die.


  2. Gerry Alanguilan on December 13th, 2009 7:50 am

    JM… Vibal spoke with Atlas first before going ahead with El Indio.

  3. Ryan Parreno on December 13th, 2009 8:13 am

    Hey, you’re mean to keep that from us Gerry!

  4. Pinoy Comics USA on December 13th, 2009 9:23 am

    Gerry, JM,
    Sayang I didn’t know about this or I would have ask my son to find that book too. He just arrived today from Manila, with the copy of the Lent book and El Indio. I’ll be seeing him tomorrow.
    Actually, in my mind, though I have not seen both books yet, I don’t mind a straight copy from the original serial, I think the less retouching the better to enjoy Coching fine lines knowing they have not been touch. This way the vintage quality of the original komiks is preserved. The komiks quality that both Unang Labas and Video 48 are showing are really quite good enough, I think the extent of the retouchings they do is mainly to adjust the lightness/darkness and contrast in photoshop.
    Anyway, I will be getting El Indio tomorrow, and I’ll reserve any more comments until I see it. Of course, I am fully optimistic I will be seeing an excellent and fully realized restoration of one of Coching’s best.

  5. auggie on December 13th, 2009 3:21 pm


    Obviously, the brass at ATLAS, lacks the foresight. They were sitting literally on a GOLD MINE, with all those MASTERWORKS and did nothing. And now that Vibal Publishing has shown that there is money in it, sasabay bigla ang ATLAS?

    It reminded me of the early Beatles. When they were unknowns yet,they approach a recording company in England, DECCA, yata yun, but were rebuffed by a record producer there. Hindi na raw uso yung style nila. So the Beatles went to PARLOPHONE, and the rest was history. Siguro inumpog sa bato yung ulo noong nagreject na record producer doon.

  6. Gerry Alanguilan on December 13th, 2009 4:24 pm


    Speaking for Vibal, I do know that they did the EL INDIO project not really to make money. I know that’s a strange thing for a publishing company to say, but I’ve heard this sentiment more than once. They’re actually just very happy to have EL INDIO out there, whether it makes money or not. They truly have a huge respect not only for Francisco V. Coching, but for Philippine comics art in general. This is why they are looking into more stories to restore.

  7. auggie on December 13th, 2009 8:31 pm


    That maybe so, but VIBAL, has shown that deep passion for those MASTERWORKS, will eventually make money. Unlike ATLAS, which lack the proper business acumen and utter disregard and respect for our Filipino Masters, Vibal has shown the innovation of packaging an old and loved commodity for the benefit of a new generation of comics aficionados.

  8. Allan Sioson on December 13th, 2009 9:13 pm


    You might get disappointed in the way Lapu-lapu was printed by Atlas — compared to the way El Indio was published by Vibal. I hope the Atlas guys take a good look at the way Vibal did the compilation of El Indio — before they publish the other stories of Conching.

  9. macoy on December 14th, 2009 12:35 am

    “I do know that they did the EL INDIO project not really to make money”

    well sir gerry, the way atlas has successfully kept its book secret from the buying public and based on allan’s comments about print quality, i’d say they couldn’t possibly be doing it for money either.

  10. Gerry Alanguilan on December 14th, 2009 7:55 am

    You know I’ve been pretty hard on Atlas over the past few years over a number of things. I haven’t seen the Lapu Lapu reprint myself, but even then I can see at least two good things about this. A complete Coching book is available to the public for P120, which makes it affordable for a great number of people. Atlas is publishing comics again (as opposed to adult magazines)! Oh yeah, a third good thing… it’s an indication that what we’ve done with El Indio is sparking interest to bring more of Coching’s work, and other Filipino komiks creators works back from obscurity. I think that’s awesome!

    I do want to say that Komikero Publishing is going to be collecting Rudy Florese’s EXKIRMUZ into one book. It’s probably one of my father in law’s most read stories. I don’t want to set a date yet, but it’s in the works.

  11. auggie on December 14th, 2009 8:51 am

    Well, what can I say? Vibal has set the pace, and the others will follow. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL !

  12. Reno on December 14th, 2009 10:11 am

    Is the Lapu-lapu comic available at all National bookstores? I hope so.

    And that’s some good news from Komikero, publishing Exkirmuz in its entirety. I’,m familiar with Rudy Florese’s romance works, but not the ones in other genres (except the Tarzan stuff he did for DC) so I’m eagerly awaiting this. :)

  13. Gerry Alanguilan on December 14th, 2009 10:40 am

    Did I just see ATLAS say Francisco V. Coching as one of the King of Komiks?

    There can only be ONE king right? he.he.

  14. Gerry Alanguilan on December 14th, 2009 10:43 am

    Reno, EXKIRMUZ is a post apocalyptic sci fi adventure. Parang Mad Max. I went with this instead of ORAS MO NA because we wanted to go first with one that could have a wider audience. Oras Mo Na it seems, is quite dark, with subject matter that includes vigilantism, child pornography, white slavery etc. Perhaps after EXKIRMUZ and other stuff we’ll eventually do that as well.

  15. jzhunagev on December 14th, 2009 10:43 am

    Sir Gerry salamat po sa supporta!!

    Isa po pong Hari ng Komiks na aming hinahangaan ay si Mars Ravelo.

    Muli, maraming salamat!!! :)

  16. erwin on December 14th, 2009 11:32 am

    Ayos ‘tong ginagawa ng Vibal at NBS. Makikita na ng mga new breed of artists ang mga gawa ng ating mga masters. Sana masundan pa ng iba, gaya ng mga gawa nina Nestor Redondo at Alfredo Alcala.

    Isa lang ang ayaw ko, makaubos 13th month itong mga new releases hehe.. after ng box set ng Coching at Botong, sumunod si Lapu Lapu sa mga bibilhin ko.:-)

    Congrats Vibal at NBS.

  17. Jose Mari Lee on December 14th, 2009 12:09 pm


    Si FV COCHING ba talaga ang nag-drawing nito?

    Akala ko si CARLO CAPARAS!

    Pang-National Artist kasi ang kalidad nito, eh.

    Ubo-Ubo! Nag-i-snow dito ngayon, sisipunin yata ako.

  18. Pinoy Comics USA on December 14th, 2009 1:04 pm

    I got my copy of El Indio. Let me say that I am of course quite happy with it, but not overwhelmingly ecstatic. First the cover was very, very dark in the copy I got (the images you’ve shown here in this blog are quite bright and contrasty compared to the actual book), and the end flaps (1/3 instead of the usual 1/2 page size) was useless, again because the the dark red color against the black rendered the images there almost invisible. And here’s the most glaring omission of all, none of the Coching color covers for El Indio were included. The covers are featured in both Unang Labas and Video 48 and I believe there were only 3 covers. Here’s what I would have liked to see: I think your original cover would have been better since that’s an actual cover from Pilipino Komiks, I would have used that instead. Then put the end flaps to better use, instead of a 1/3 flap, make it a full page flap showing one cover of El Indio probably the Matador cover in the front, and the Dueling cover for the back flap. Presto: all of the El Indio covers are now included. I also compared the new book pages with pages from Chapters 26 and Chapters 32 as shown in Unang Labas, where both chapters are featured in it’s entirety. I must say the copy from Unang Labas must be excellent indeed, because there was absolutely no difference at all, which means no retouching was done by you or Sarah for those chapters, and I think that is good. The least retouching the better. However, I do like the Unang Labas version that I see on my computer screen, first it’s larger, (in the new book 1-1/3-inch at the bottom and 3/4-inch on top are wasted, wonder why they didn’t size the book proportionate to the komiks), and second the brown-yellowish background of the newspaper where it was originally printed is still visible, which I think adds to its vintage quality. In other words, probably a copy straight from the komiks pages without any retouching or at least very minimal would have suffice. Check out the Coching pages in the Lent book, Marabini (page 39) and Hagibis(page 70) are copied full page from the original komiks including the browned paper of the original newsprint. They’re gorgeous. That way none of Coching’s original lines are compromised. I am not saying all your work was wasted, actually you and Sarah did a really good job restoring 175 pages of komiks. Still I would have liked to see those pages with halftones replaced with new halftones. As it happened there’s what is known as a Moire effect on some pages where the original halftones are reshot for printing. I think that’s one place you should or might have concentrated on retouching, removing the old halftone screens which came out muddy in the new book. But… so far so good. I’m going to relax and just enjoy reading the book

  19. Gerry Alanguilan on December 14th, 2009 2:20 pm

    Hello Rod! I do have to say that it was never our intent to do any retouching to Coching’s artwork. Our process of restoration sought only to strengthen Coching’s lines and make them come out. The limitations of printing, and the type of paper used in the original komiks were what compromised Coching’s original linework. Personally, I could not bear Coching’s original artwork to be held hostage by such things as printing limitations and age. What we sought to accomplish was to remove whatever damage the printing and paper has had and bring out how Coching’s linework must have looked based on our own study of Coching originals. We did no additions except to connect lines broken by printing mistakes, and modify lines that were obviously distorted by printing.

    The halftone in the originals were not true half tones. They were actually colors of grey that were added to the print by the colorist or the stripper. It’s actually possible to remove the greytones altogether, but it would have required a lot more time, and we’re probably be still working on it today. So we decided to leave the greytones as they are.

    Since the original intent of the book is more to have people actually read the story, we decided to forgo presenting the artwork old and yellowed. That would have been probably been much more appreciated by collectors, but it might turn off people who might actually want to read the story. I am certain that artwork on yellowed print komiks is not how Coching would have wanted his artwork to be seen. He would have wanted to have them represented as clear and as close to how he originally drew them if people are going to read them again.

    However, aged artwork does look gorgeous when exhibited, and I think that’s the proper place for that.

  20. adam! on December 14th, 2009 1:42 pm

    Andami naman masyadong galit sa Atlas dito!

    At totoo, maganda nga na mura yang LAPU-LAPU. Yun ang isa sa mga isyu ko sa EL INDIO. sa totoo lang, masyadong mabangis ang salitang “isyu,” kasi naiintindihan ko naman kung bakit ganun, pero ayun, isyu pa rin siya.

    Kailangan natin ng mas maraming libro na ganito – me historical value – na mura, affordable para sa lahat. Hindi lang naman kasi ito para sa ating mga nagnonostalgia lang, o mga me pera. Kasama ito sa solusyon sa problema ng kultura sa bansa.

  21. Pinoy Comics USA on December 14th, 2009 2:12 pm

    I didn’t see the updated version of this posting right away. I don’t mind the cheaper version of Atlas, I might even like it better. And here’s were Atlas put one over Vibal, they’ve used the covers of Coching. The Vibal El Indio missed out by not using any covers. But whichever publisher, looks like the ball’s really rolling. I think we’re gonna be seeing more of these classics reprinted. I want to see also: Alfredo Alcala, Fred Carillo, Nestor Redondo, Emil Rodriguez, Jessie Santos, Jodloman, Javinal and others reprinted.

  22. Gerry Alanguilan on December 14th, 2009 2:31 pm

    Rod, the way Vibal explained the cover situation to me is that they have to balance the obvious beauty of Coching’s artwork and representing it to make his art more appealing to a new generation of Filipino readers. To focus on a panel of EL INDIO, blow that up and use that as a cover, in their opinion would make for a more appealing cover to a newer generation of readers. That is a debatable point, but I suppose the final decision is up who actually publishes it. I actually understand their decision to go in that direction with the cover.

    The cover is still Coching’s artwork though, colors aside. And inside, the entirety of EL INDIO is very faithfully represented. I think that overall, this is a very good representation of Coching as an artist.

    Actually, I removed something from the original pages that Vibal scolded me on, and that is the El INDIO movie ads that appeared at the bottom row of the later chapters. I removed it because it contained no Coching artwork, and contained photos and layouts designed by artists of the movie company. Aside from being an adaptation of Coching’s komiks novel, that ad never appeared on any of Coching’s originals and were added only after Coching had submitted his pages.

    However, due to their requests, I will most likely put those back when there’s a second printing. And yes, I will ask that they place a gallery of the original covers inside.

  23. jzhunagev on December 14th, 2009 2:18 pm

    Hear! Hear! Mr. Adam… :)

  24. Jose Mari Lee on December 14th, 2009 2:39 pm

    Gerry & Rod:

    I haven’t received my copies yet so I really can’t say anything about the books’ technical side, but if moiré was present, maybe some pages were scanned and were forgotten to be DESCREENED. For rush jobs like these, sometimes it happens. What’s more, even if the material was already descreened, you still have to add some bluring to compensate, and you have to watch it or the image might end up not very sharp.

    Though in CS4 Photoshop, a new sharpening feature called SMART SHARPEN really does the job especially when re-screening images. You can remove all the moire, then just smart sharpen it and it would look fine. Unfortunately, when this project was done, only UNSHARP MASK was the most viable tool in CS3, hence the result. I wish I could see the books now so I can scrutinize them, but it’s the first attempt to restores something like this, and it seems that you’re happy, Rod, so, well… everybody happy. It can be that bad, I’m sure.

  25. Jose Mari Lee on December 14th, 2009 2:40 pm

    oooops. I meant: It CAN’T be that bad, I’m sure.

  26. terry atlas on December 14th, 2009 3:11 pm

    i just read all the comments here. May maganda, may pangit, may masaya, may malungkot. Actually, Vibal and NBS are friends, at sa nakikita ko, iisa ang adhikain at dahilan kung bakit ginawa ito ng dalawang publication, ang maibalik at mabuhay ang komiks. Kami bilang publisher ng Lapu-lapu ay di inisip na kami ang dapat mauna, o kami ang dapat sumunod. Nang maisip namin ang pagre-reisyu ng mga nobela noong taong 2008 ay nagkaroon ng mga problema sa intellectual property ng ilang illustrator at writer. Pasalamat naman kami at napakadaling kausapin ang pamilya Coching. Hndi ganoon kadali dahil may pinagdadaanang legalidad sa pagbuo ng ire-reisyung katha. Sabihin mang ang Atlas ang may malaking karapatang magpublish muli ng mga ito ay kailangan pa rin nating maging patas.
    Sa puso ng mga taga-Atlas, ibig naming maibalik ang komiks. Ito ang tatak ng Atlas. At noon pa ay palagi kong sinasabi sa mga tagakomiks, hindi mamamatay ang komiks. Pero dumating nga sa puntong nawala ito. May mga nagpanggap na buhayin ito pero tila may pansariling kadahilanan. Sa marami pang paraan ay binubuhay ng atlas ang komiks. Kaya nga’t hindi kami tumitigil sa pagbuo ng komiks na tulad ng Florante at Laura, Ibong Adarna, Biag ni Lamang, Urduja at marami pang iba. Ang pagre-reisyu ng mga komiks ay paraan na rin upang muling manumbalik ang interes at pagkagiliw ng ating nga kababayan ng komiks. Hindi na dapat maging isyu kung alin ang mura, alin ang mahal, kung sino ang nauna, kung sino ang sumunod. Kung alin ang malaki kung alin ang maliit, kung anong papel at kung anu-ano pa. Bahagi ito ng ating kultura. Maraming mahuhusay na Pinoy ang dapat huwag masayang ang galing at husay lalo na sa pagdidibuho. Ang pinakamahalaga sa tingin ko at dapat gawin ay ang magtulungan. Magsaya!
    Maraming mahuhusay, at sa amin, isa si Coching sa mga hari ng komiks. So may iba pang mahuhusay na kasing husay ni Coching. Sa amin, mga hari sila, di tulad ng ibang naghahari-harian.

    Anyway, masaya naman kaming mga taga-atlas dahil nakikita natin ang interest at init ng ating mga kababayan sa pagtanggap at pagtangkilik muli sa komiks. Salamat po ng marami at asahan pa ang maraming re-isyung ilalabas ng atlas.

  27. erwin on December 14th, 2009 4:44 pm

    I don’t know if you guys noticed in El Indio that there were pages done by Pidong Alcala. There were at least 4 pages in the later chapters that exclusively drawn by Alcala.

  28. Gerry Alanguilan on December 14th, 2009 5:52 pm

    Hello Erwin… yes, I noticed. It’s pretty obvious which pages Alfredo Alcala worked on. You can see it in the eyes. And yes, Federico Javinal also says that he did a page. The thing we have to contend with is that it wasn’t written down in the credits and so they can’t be officially credited as contributing artists. It’s too bad, but the exact determination of what they did exactly would always be a matter of conjecture without definite documentation. We can say that so and so page was drawn by this or that artist, but with some of those artists dead and Coching is not here to confirm, there’s no proof for history to believe us.

  29. Nerp on December 14th, 2009 5:33 pm

    just ran to national bookstore during lunch break. and i must say, sulit yung 120. there are some problems in printing but otherwise it’s really good for it’s price.

    same issue i had with El Indio is that it cost too much (for me anyway). i wish there was a cheaper version.

    kudos for atlas in bringing us coching’s lapu lapu. hope that redondo, alcala and nino are next.


  30. macoy on December 14th, 2009 6:54 pm

    found a copy at the nbs at ever gotesco ortigas extension.

    @sir terry atlas:

    pwede po kayang ipakiusap sa mga nagmemerchandising sa NBS na isama ang lapu-lapu sa filipino komiks (pugad baboy, etc.)? sa textbook section ko siya nahanap eh, kasama nina ibong adarna. walang nag-ba-browse dun, sayang ang benta.

  31. Eusebio Yu on December 14th, 2009 7:49 pm

    Have to check out National Book Store for Lapu-Lapu. Kept forgetting to look for it once I’m there. I don’t really care for the politics on how a book is published. What is important is the finished product. However, to say that Vibal published El Indio without the intention of making money is at best, misleading and at worst, a lie. The price- even with the discount- speaks for itself. It’s not a sin to make a profit. And I laud their noble intention. We all do. But, please, let’s not go overboard. It’s bad enough the series covers were omitted, which constitutes false advertisement, but to claim they’re not in it for the money? Wala na ako masabi.

  32. Gerry Alanguilan on December 14th, 2009 8:22 pm

    I’m sorry you feel that way Eusebio, but it’s true. Knowing how this book was developed, and what format was used, I aired my concerns about the profitability of the book. They said they just wanted the book out there, whether it makes money or not. This was never announced to the public. It was something that was told to me privately. And being with this project from beginning to end and knowing how it all came together, I believed it. If you don’t, Eusebio, well, there’s nothing I can say to change your mind, except to say that you would be wrong to believe so.

    If I may say so, it is perhaps your reaction to small blurb at the back of the book that maybe going overboard. I see that now, and I can attribute that as a mistake on the part of whoever wrote it. It’s a small little thing compared to what you are actually getting. Didn’t you yourself say that what’s important is the finished product? Isn’t it good enough that this book is out at all? But to have it restored like this, and printed like this, who would have ever imagined? Would you rather not have this book out at all? Because honestly, if I knew then that all I would be getting are complaints about how expensive it is, and be accused of lying, and all this shit, I would not have fucking bothered to do this at all. You guys waiting for Sabas? Just wait for Atlas to do it na lang.

    You say you don’t care about the politics of how a book is published and yet you complain of how expensive it is, even at a discount. 600 pesos, or the discounted price of 480 pesos, dude, that’s not an arbitrary number just farted out by the publishers on a whim. There is a reason why that book costs that much. Consider the production values on this book, consider the work and time (YEARS) that went into restoring this, consider the exorbitant commission prices demanded by booksellers. This is not just a bunch of fucking papers stapled together. This is a piece of work that people have shed blood, sweat and fucking tears from Coching downward, to bring it to you in this form. EL INDIO does not have this kind of paper and this kind of printing just to make it expensive. It’s there because due respect is given to such an extraordinary work. Fuck, if people can throw down thousands of pesos for American, European and Japanese graphic novels, even black and white ones, created by foreigners, what’s 480 pesos, or even 600 pesos for a bonafide Filipino masterpiece by the country’s createst comics creator? Jeez!

    Not having the original series covers there is not that big a deal. Is their absence affecting your enjoyment of the story? Lots of TPBs have omitted covers before. Arnold Arre did it for Mythology Class when it was compiled. Same is true for many US Trade paperbacks. I’m not exactly holding my breath for the stink to come down from that one.

    I’m really disappointed that people would rather fixate on these things rather than realize exactly what they have in their hands. This is a piece of history restored. There are Coching materials out now that people can buy when just a few years ago there were NONE. It’s absolutely unbelievable. And now? Ako talaga ang wala nang masabi.

  33. kajobaldisimo on December 14th, 2009 10:43 pm

    agree ako kay ser gerry.

    mga dudes, hindi EXPENSIVE ang 500 pesos para sa napakahusay na likha ni Francisco Coching.

    P500? talaga lang?…

  34. kc cordero on December 14th, 2009 10:44 pm


    re: @sir terry atlas

    babae po si ma’am terry, at napakaganda :)

  35. Pinoy Comics USA on December 15th, 2009 12:59 am

    4 pages in the later chapters that exclusively drawn by Alcala

    Erwin, Gerry,
    Gosh, I remember this from when I originally saw this in my own collection that got destroyed. However, I think, only pages 143,144 and 147,148, back-to-back pages, were exclusively Alcala’s, but the other pages (last 3 pages of Chapter 29 and all of Chapter 30) may have been a collaboration or Alcala trying to copy Coching?). No, I think it was more collaboration and possibly some pages were done by Carlos Lemos, Coching’s assistant then, the style looks like his. But then atists like other people do get sick. Coching must have been so sick, either he or Ace had to get another artist to meet the deadline.

  36. Tin on December 15th, 2009 8:42 am

    Re: lack of covers in the first edition of El Indio — it was an honest oversight, not false advertising. As we have mentioned earlier, both in public and to customers, we fully intend to include the covers in the next printing along with other add-ons.

    As for the cost of the book, I won’t be disingenuous as to say that we don’t hope to make a small profit so that we can subsidize the printing of other books in the same imprint. El Indio is published by Vibal Foundation, not Vibal Publishing House, so obviously we’re not doing this strictly for the business of it.

  37. Robby Villabona on December 15th, 2009 10:23 am

    Hi, Gerry,

    I just bought my copy of El Indio last night. Haven’t had the chance to start reading it.

    I just have one small complaint — the paper for the cover is a little too thick for paperpack. What I mean is — the usual way we read paperbacks is to hold them in two hands by the covers and open the book with bent covers. The covers and flap combination is a bit too thick to hold comfortably that way. Pages tend to slide away from your fingers because of the difference in flexibility compared to the cover.

    Otherwise, I’m excited to read it. I haven’t read a new comic book in a very long time.

  38. Eusebio Yu on December 15th, 2009 7:36 pm


    Of course this book is the result of blood, sweat and tears. You’re missing the point. I didn’t say it was not worth the price. Of course it was. Otherwise, why would I buy it? I just said their claim that they did not profit just doesn’t hold water. That’s all. Now about the missing cover thing, I really don’t care if it’s in there or not. But the fact that they said it is included, when it was not, is misleading. I, do not fixate on these so called ‘little errors ‘. Ako pa? I can understand your reaction. After all, you’re a major part of the restoration process. I would think that any critical remarks, which has basis, would be welcomed. Apparently, I was wrong. Of course this is a major part of our cultural/popular history. Of course we are all happy that it is available. This is not a diss on anyone. This is just stating the facts.

  39. Fermin Salvador on December 16th, 2009 2:31 am

    Dapat ma-compile at ma-republish ng lahat ng publishing ang lahat-lahat ng materials sa pag-iingat nila. Dahil assorted ang laman ng bawat komiks, tilad-tilarin ito ayon sa mga nobela at short story. Sa US ay ginagawa ito kaya lahat nang comic books na nalimbag ay available sa republished/reprinted format. Mas mababa ang presyo ay mas okey para marami ang makabili. Para kahit hindi in original form ay accessible pa rin sa lahat ng interesado ang mga nailathala sa komiks sa loob ng maraming dekada. Naririto ang kultura ng sinundan nating henerasyon. Ito ay isang paraan ng pagtanaw sa buhay at pamumuhay ng mga nauna sa atin.

  40. Gilbert Monsanto on December 17th, 2009 12:22 pm

    I think tama lang na mahal itong book na ito. Para mahalin ng bibili. Hindi yung tipong bibili lang pero di naman pala naintindihan kung bakit bumili. Tulad ng sabi nila, pambalot sa tinapa ang komiks noon. Well kasi mura. Kung mahal yan, di mo hahayaang mali ang paghawak ng komiks. Di ba? di ba?

  41. Yulo Garcia on December 19th, 2009 5:25 pm

    Ako rin, noong nakita ko ‘yung balita na may Lapu-Lapu dun sa branch na ‘yun ng NB, natuwa ako kasi nakatira ako ilang metro lang ang layo noon. Pero ngayong umaga lang ako nakapunta tapos wala na akong nadatnan. Nahirapan nga akong maghanap kasi iniisip ko na nasa Filipiniana section ‘yun. Pero kasama pala siya ng textbooks, kung hindi pa ako nagtanong, hindi ko malalaman. Mukhang limited nga ‘yung stock, at ‘yung mga bumili, mukhang dito nabalitaan ‘yung tungkol dun.

    Sir Gerry, isa ako sa mag-aabang ng mga restorations at pagpublish uli ng mga likhang-sining na ‘yan. Lalo ‘yang EXKRIMUZ, ‘pag-iipunan ko na. Ayos ‘tong nangyayari ngayon lalo sa mga taong hindi pa buhay noong panahong ‘yon o ni hindi man lamang narinig ang tungkol dito. Salamat sa blog na ‘to, ang dami kong bagong pintong nabubuksan.

  42. Rommel Joson on December 28th, 2009 6:02 pm

    I for one am happy with El Indio. I was more than willing to fork up the money for a very good Coching reproduction.

    I just wish the Coching book on his life and art wasn’t priced at 2,000 pesos! (1,500 pwede pa. :P) I can understand why though and I’ll still probably end up getting it one day.

    I have to check out that Lapu-lapu book asap! :)

  43. bella agbayani on December 29th, 2009 10:01 pm

    Nakabili ako ng komiks ni Coching at mahusay ang pagkakalikha niya dito bilang Komiks. Ang tanong lang sa isip ko’y kung TOTOO ba ‘yung mga nakasaad sa komiks na ito tungkol sa KASAYSAYAN NI LAPU-LAPU? Kung totoo man, saan nakuha ni Coching yung mga impormasyon tungkol sa pagkatao ni Lapu-lapu?

    Sa pagkakaalam ko ay kahit historian eh hindi lubos na kilala si Lapu-lapu at marami pa ring misteryong bumabalot sa kanya kagaya na lang ng sinasabi na siya raw ang pumatay kay Magellan.

  44. auggie on January 1st, 2010 1:38 am

    Fictionalized na lang yung version ni Coching tungkol sa ibang aspect ng buhay ni LAPU-LAPU, although based on historical facts and data. Ang napansin ko lang parang minadali ni Coching yung Katapusang labas ng nobela. Hindi masyadong na play up yung BATTLE OF MACTAN. Hindi tuloy na explain kung bakit maski na superior ang technology nila Magellan sa armaments eh natalo sila ng battle plan ni Lapu-Lapu.

  45. Cristina Chua on January 5th, 2010 8:51 pm

    Hello! I picked up El Indio at NBS and I thought it was expensive.

    at first.

    I kept looking at it the cover and looking at it. I finally bought it on a whim along with another item. I had low expectations for it as I thought the cover’s color looked bland and boring.

    On the ride home, I kept thinking I wasted money, I wasted money but when I got home and flipped it open, the black and white inks that were so beautiful.

    It’s so cheap, It’s so cheap. I love it so much.
    thank you. It is good to see something preserved. I had seen samples of old comics in small thumbnails in coffee tables books before when I was in elementary. to see it up close in this size is almost maddeningly exhilarating.

    I noticed there seem to be some pixelation-like phenomena on the edges, more evident on the straight lines of the comic frames? I suppose it was from the process used to eliminate the yellows of the paper?

    Thanks to publishers and artists who worked on restoring this.

  46. On publishing « Makamisa on January 9th, 2010 11:34 pm

    […] conversation on Twitter re: the prices of books published in the Philippines. This was sparked by a discussion in Gerry Alanguilan’s blog about the publication of Francisco Coching’s El Indio, which […]