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A Dark, Cold and Rainy Day

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That\’s what it is today. Dark, cold and rainy. I like days like these because I personally find it very conducive to creating art. I don\’t like it when I have to go out. And today I had to go out to the palengke to buy stuff to eat for the next few days. It can get pretty miserable, specially since our particular street is so prone to flooding.

At any rate, I\’m back home and for the rest of the day I can appreciate this rain from the relative comfort and dryness of my house. This is perfect comic book reading weather for me. I would love to take a few comics, lie down in bed and just read. I\’m thinking whether I can afford to because I have this Timawa deadline to deal with. But yeah, I guess I can take a break for an hour or so from my working time. I want to savor times like this. It reinvigorates my love for comics. What to read? I\’m not sure. I just might break out Hulk #185, or The Secret of the Unicorn, or Uncanny X-Men 99 or something relatively new, like Elektra Lives Again.

Later I\’ll be cooking Ginataang Manok. Not Adobong Manok sa Gata, not Chicken Curry. Just plain ginataang manok. No frills. I\’m glad I can cook stuff like this now because I can just cook them if I have the craving and not have to bother my mom or my wife\’s mom for it.

I\’m still slightly concerned about the swine flu. I do find reassurance in knowing that regular flu is still more deadly and more prevalent than swine flu (so far). I had the flu last October and it was horrible. I lost 10 pounds back then. You can see how much weight I lost in the Komikon 2008 photos held last November. I also find reassurance in the fact that the number of people getting sick from swine flu is actually decreasing in Mexico. And that the virus is not mutating and thus can much more easily be stopped by a vaccine, at least once they develop it. Although it\’s spreading to more and more countries, the cases outside of Mexico are actually milder and less deadly (so far).

I just hope I don\’t develop a cough and cold by this weekend, or else it would be REALLY uncomfortable on Free Comic Book Day. If I do develop a cold, I would probably choose not to go and say sorry to Sandy and everyone in advance. I think that would be better than drive people paranoid. But everything is OK so far, and barring catastrophe, I\’ll be there on Saturday.


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